Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello Friends...

WOW! I can't believe it's been two whole months since I posted something. The last post was about Morgan leaving for Europe. Well, she's back home, safe and sound! I wanted to post pictures from the trip to share with you all, but's just too much for me to do right now. The group took over 2000 photos. I had this grand idea that I would be responsible for collecting all the SD cards and making a DVD for each student. That alone nearly did me in. lol! Seriously!! Anyhow, thank you all for praying for her safe travels. Your prayers helped!

School will be ending soon for the summer break. I will have a senior and a 4th grader next year...well, actually later this year!

There are so many people graduating this year that we know...either from high school or from college. We are also hearing some sad stories for the ones graduating from college. Many of them are having a difficult time finding a job in the field they got their degree in. There was this girl at Home Depot the other day helping me in the paint dept. She was sharing with me that she went to college for five years to get a degree in Leadership/Development. She's been searching for a job since last June. She finally took the job at HD in order to have spending money. So sad!

On a brighter note, my work is good! Business has picked up a LOT! Praise the Lord! In fact, we are actually turning customers away now. Imagaine that!!! Just this time last year, we would have given our service away for free just to say that we had gained a new customer. lol!

We don't have a whole lot going on this weekend! Yay!

It's RAINING MAD here in Dallas! Another yay since we planted over 200 bulbs a couple of weeks ago. I haven't done anything in my backyard since we moved here. We've put flowers out in the front, but nothing in the backyard. Since I won't be getting my pool any time soon, I figured it was time to get over it and have some color out back as well. lol!

Thanks for always e-mailing me and checking in on me and my family! You all are truly a blessing!

Sorry that I stay away so long. I'll try not to stay away so long this time!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Long Anticipated Trip to... EUROPE!!!!

Well, after many months of working hard and saving her money, our sweet Morgan finally left for Europe today. She went with her Humanities class for Spring Break to Paris, Rome, and London. She'll be gone for nine days!

She has almost been too much to handle this week with all her excitement! We spent several hours this week just looking for the perfect backpack! Seriously! And after her purchasing four different ones, she ended up borrowing one from a friend! Thank God that her Nana K and Grandad gave her the PERFECT luggage for Christmas or I would have had to put her out of the house by now. lol!

I am very happy for her and that she's getting to tour a part of the world that I may never get to see, but I am worn out, friends!

It must have been the Lord to drop this in my spirit, but on the way back from the airport I mentioned to Dirk that I wanted to turn on Morgan's radio in her room and for praise and worship music to be playing 24/7 while she's gone. We will infuse her room with the Spirit of the Lord until it soaks into the walls and fills the whole room with His Glory!

If you think about it, please say a prayer for her safe travel there and back to Dallas!

I only took about 100 pictures at the airport this morning, but I'll just share a few with ya!

I hope that she will take lots of pictures!!!

Have a great weekend friends!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

Hey peeps!

WOW! It's been a while since my last post. Sorry about that! While we're on the subject... I REALLY would like to keep in touch with all of you, but my computer time is just not what it used to be anymore. A few of you have found me on facebook and I have really enjoyed keeping up with you there. I do get on fb several times a week. SO, for you that are also facebookers, can you send me a friend request? I am NO GOOD at finding anyone on facebook. In fact, when Morgan (my own daughter) set up her account a little while ago, I couldn't even locate her. Go figure!!!

Last night was the first annual Daddy Daughter Dance at Jae's school. I wanted to share several pictures that I took before they left the house.

Although, Jae would only dance with Dirk 3 times, they still had a great time. Dirk told me later that many of the dads were standing against the wall while their daughters danced with their friends instead. One dad even said something like it reminded him of still being in high school... standing against the wall looking. Awwwww...poor dads!

Dirk said the place was packed!!! I think it's great that so many dads tried to participate...even if they were pushed to the wall. lol!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From Our Family To Yours...


Friday, October 30, 2009

I Have a Serious Confession To Make....

You may not ever think of me the same way after reading my confession about what I did today. And since many of you have told me on more than one occasion what a sweet, thoughtful, sincere, caring, good mother and good wife I makes it even HARDER to write this.

I had to tell Dirk first since it involved another man! I just really can't believe that I did something so unthinkable. I am hoping by writing it out tonight that many of you will pray for me and help me as I seek for forgiveness.

Clearing my throat..........

Okay, here goes.....

Friends, after being married for almost 19 years now, I have never said these words to another man (other than my dad, Dirk's dad, and my Grandpa)!

Auto Zone Guy: "Yes, Mrs. Reeves, we have that part in stock."

Me: "Great! Can you tell me what time y'all close tonight?"

Auto Zone Guy: "Sure, we close at 11pm."

Me: "Great! We'll be by to pick it up before you close."

Auto Zone: "We'll be here."

Me: "Okay, thanks! I LOVE YOU, BABE"

Auto Zone Guy: "Huh?!?"

Me: "Oh, I thought you were my HUSBAND!!"

Auto Zone Guy : lol "Oh, okay. Well, I love you too, babe."

I CAN NOT believe these words came out of my mouth to this, this, this, this stranger!

See, you think of me differently, huh?

I know, I am soooooooooooooo ashamed of myself.

I do have good news though! Dirk has forgiven me!!! I promised him that I would NEVER do it again.

I thought you all would get a kick out of this!! We did!

Hope everyone is doing well and is swine-flu free!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Picture Post...

I don't have a lot to talk about in this post... but I've been wanting to share some of my favorite snapshots taken over the last several months. Sorry friends, my snapshots do not include some nice getaway or some scenic area...they are just mainly of ME!!! lol!

Don't worry, I won't write a long story about each photo.

This is me and my coworker, Nell.

Another coworker, Tonya.

This is the girls' first day of school this year. Hmmmm...I hope this isn't one that I've already shared since it was back in August. lol!
No reason. I just like this pic.
Morgan's first day behind the wheel WITHOUT US IN THE CAR....

Me with my niece, Madison.

Morgan and her bestfriend, Tya. I am noticing that ALOT of girls make this silly face when taking their picture. I have attempted this and look totally retarded. Seriously!!! However, I think Morgan and her friend look adorable!

I have some REALLY exciting news to share here!!!

I AM OFF WORK FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!!!! Woo hoo! Other than going to lunch with a dear friend tomorrow, I have absolutely nothing planned!!! It was kind of last minute... I have a lot of vacation days accummulated. I really don't take time off unless we're (the family) doing something, but today I thought and decided quickly.... WHY NOT CHILL ALLLLLLLLLLLL BY MYSELF!?!?!?!?

As I was sharing this news with a friend on the phone earlier tonight, Jae overheard me and gave me a look with her mouth wide open. It was almost like she was thinking, " can I find a way to stay home with Mom?" Morgan is working tonight, but I am sure when she finds out that I am off, she will think of something that Mom can do for her too.

Anyhoo, I am looking forward to getting caught up with every one of you in blogland during this time off, for sure. Woo hoo! It will feel like old times. Can you tell that I am excited about being off?

Okay, that's all folks!

I hope that everyone is having a GREAT week so far!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Randomness...

Well, since my last post was only a month ago, this one will be a bit random so I can share some highlights of what happened in September.

First of all, it is so hard to believe that it's already October!!! Thanksgiving is next month and then Christmas after that! Wait... you already knew that. lol!

So, what's been happening on my side of the world?

To be honest with you, this has not been the greatest year for me. Life is way too busy and there's just a lot of sadness around us involving many people that we care about. Not necessarily with my immediate family, other than the loss of both of our grandfathers earlier this year, but there's been some great sadness with other extended family members and with some very dear friends of ours. I can't go into details on here, but just wanted to share that it's just really been a tough year for me personally.

And the randomness continues...

Remember the trip (Europe) that Morgan signed up for last year to go on with her class for the spring break coming up in March? The trip where she had our blessing to go on if she raised ALL of her money for it? Well, during our last big fundraiser in September, she did it! She has officially raised every penny in order to go. Now she's working on raising her spending money. She'll be gone for nine days!!! We're really excited for her!!!

Some of you have asked how Morgan is doing with her job and with driving. She's doing very well with both. She works 3 days a week usually, one week night and on Saturday and Sunday (after church). She loves having her own money... we LOVE her having her own money. She recently got her own debit card. We have it set up to where she gets a text when her account gets below a certain amount. She came in the other day freaking out that she'd already reached that certain amount. Dirk and I were talking about how interesting it was that she has learned that it really does take a little while to make money and then after you have worked so hard to make the money, it goes sooooooooooooo fast. The fact that she gets a daily reminder of her balance in her account and especially when it drops to a certain amount will be a great thing for her to see. Yes, Morgan, buying donuts and a cup of coffee each day does take away from your money! lol!

We had lots of rain here in September. I thought about complaining more about all the rain we've had, but after after hearing and reading about all the rain and damage in Georgia, there's no comparison.

Jae, our youngest daughter, is doing well. She's at the age where there's not much drama just yet. Whew! Thank God! She signed up to play a lead part in our church's Christmas Program. Since she's a very shy girl in front of one new person, it will be interesting to see her acting in front of the ENTIRE church. lol!

Dirk is doing well. Tomorrow night, we are having dinner with our Bible study group and he made another buttermilk pie tonight. I think my last post mentioned that he was making me one. I will share the recipe with you later. It may be a month before I do, but I promise to share it. Anyhow, I plan on getting up in the morning before going to church and making my dessert. We signed up to bring two. I am making an Italian Cream Cake. Oh, by the way, I won 2nd place with this cake in a contest I entered at our church last month! YEP, it's that good!

I really didn't want this to be a long post, so I'll end with some photos of Morgan's Tea Party I spoke about last month.

Morgan and Jae with their cousins, Katrina and Patricia

Morgan and her cousin, Patricia are 12 days apart. The Tea Party was actually for both girls!

Morgan with her Nana K

It was a very sweet and happy time for Morgan. Thanks again, Nana K for having this!

Friends, I'll try to do better with blogging this month. I do miss you all a great deal!!!

Wow! It's now after 1am and I am still WIDE awake. Hmmmm... I guess I can read some some blogs for awhile.....

Until next time, be blessed friends!