Sunday, April 26, 2009

Working Nine To Five....

what a way to make a living. This is the only sentence that I can remember of the song right now. lol!

Morgan got a J-O-B!!!!!! Praise the Lord!! She went in for an interview at Braum's and the manager hired her on the spot! She starts this Saturday, May 2nd. She is soooooo excited, but very nervous. She won't actually be working from 9-5. By law, she can only work 6 hours a day. The manager will start her out working only 2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday). It actually works out great. Her schedule will be 11:30-5:30 for both days. She'll still get to sleep in on Saturday and will still be able to attend first service at church on Sunday. So, works out great! She loves the schedule. The manager has already told Morgan that if she proves that she can handle it, she'll increase her hours at the beginning of summer right away. Soooooooooooooooooo, she better prove herself pretty quick is what I'm saying! lol!

I've already starting making my "WANT" list for her first paycheck. I want a manicure and a pedicure. I want to go out to eat. I want a new outfit. I need a new pair of shoes and a purse to match them. Okay, she didn't go for this at ALL!!! So why does it work with her "WANT" list?

In fact, she made it very clear that, after tithing, she will be spending the rest of her first paycheck on herself before adding to her savings with future checks. Can you believe that? Okay, I know....typical teenager for ya!!

Anyhow, we are all very happy for her!

Morgan's prom was last night! She looked beautiful!!! We are waiting for the photographer to get the CD back to us before I can post any pictures of her and her boyfriend. They both looked awesome and I can hardly wait to tell and show you more about their night.

Until then~~~~

Make it a great week ahead friends!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They're HIRING!!!!

And I hope she gets the job!!!

I shared a while back how Morgan is really ready to go to work. And sorry for all you who disagree....but,we're READY for her to go to work too! Teenagers are EXPENSIVE!!!! I bet that I am not telling some of ya something that you didn't already know! Not only do they totally think that you have an endless bank account, they also feel that you should spend it all on them. lol! Okay, maybe I am exagerating a bit. Morgan is not completely like this, but she does require a LOT! Talking to my friends, their situation is way beyond what Morgan wants/needs. So, I am still thankful for that.

Anyhow, for the past couple of months, we've either called or gone to places seeking employment for her. Keep in mind that she's 15 and there are not too many employers who want to fool with hiring 15 year-olds because of the legal stuff involved.

Yesterday, I thought I'd call a few places to see if they were hiring. Out of about 15 different places, I found TWO places who are willing to hire a 15 year old! Woo hoo!

Hopefully, it will be one of these two places in the NEAR future!

Morgan is soooooooooooooo excited! We're going to go to Sonic later tonight after dinner to fill out an application and she will be going to Braum's tomorrow!

Don't worry, I'll let you know if she actually gets an interview and if she gets one of these jobs!!!

I know we must sound terrible making our 15 year-old daughter work! Hey, I went to work at 14 and I turned out just fine! If you want my opinion, I think I turned out better by HAVING to work and not have everything given to me. Brings me to another fact; my mom was a single parent, she would have never been able to provide for all of my wants.

Pray that the Lord will put Morgan in the right environment. Thanks!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Let Me Ramble For a Minute...

It's been a long, busy week! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad it's Friday!

I was going to plant flowers tomorrow, but it's supposed to rain most of the weekend. My yard is looking pretty lonely without any color about now. I am not sure what I am going to plant this year. Last year, I planted Zinnias and they were absolutely beautiful for about two weeks! I still don't know what happened. They ALL died! Yes, I watered them! Hmmmm....maybe I watered them to much. Anyhow, I had to pull up every dead Zinnia up and take them back to Home Depot. For those of you who are not aware, Home Depot and Lowe's will give you replacements or refund your money back on any dead plants, flowers, and trees for one year if you have your receipt and the dead plants. They don't even ask questions of you.

Anyhow, I purchased just plain ole' ....uh...uh....uh...I can't even think of them right now. Darn it! I posted about them at the time last year, but can not think of the name of them to save my life. Wait...maybe I could if my life truly depended on it. Seriously, I can not think of them. I just asked Dirk and he couldn't remember either. I should just go back to the old post to get the name of them, but I don't wanna.

Morgan has prom next Saturday night, so we have to finish buying her accessories this weekend. She picked out such a beautiful dress. It's hot pink! Hot pink is actually a great color on Morgan. I am sure I'll have LOTS of pictures to show ya!

Jae asked me today if I would quit my job and become a teacher at her school?!?!?!? Uh....not! I have so much respect for teachers and how they seem to remain calm at all times (for the most part) with all of the precious and wonderful children. Seriously, teaching is truly a gift and it takes a special person to do this job; it's just not me. Jae then asked if I could be the lady who sits in the front office. I thought this was very sweet of her to even want her Mommy at her school in the first place. Anyhow, I wanted to quickly change the subject so I told her that I didn't think the school was hiring right now. lol! Jae is one of those kiddos who don't forget too much. With that being said, I am sure that this subject will resurface again in the future.

As I've mentioned previously, I don't watch much TV. However, Dirk and I do watch American Idol and Lost. Dirk watches other shows, but this is about all the TV that I can handle. Anyhow, the night is young and we're about to RELAX and watch a few episodes of Lost. I will be back on later tonight to visit you all.

Okay, I know that I was totally rambling here....but I don't ramble too much on my blog. Go ahead and say it, I know what you're thinking....I just seem to ramble a bit on other people's blogs. LOL!

Have a FABULOUS weekend, friends!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

2nd Annual Easter Event

Last year, our church held a special event in our city the day before Easter Sunday. The event was totally free of charge to all families that came out. We had free hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, snow cones, popcorn, and water. We had bounce houses, games, an Easter egg hunt for toddlers thru fifth grade. It was fantastic. Our church is fairly small so to put on something like this was a big deal to all of us. We had roughly 750 people show up last year.

This year, we did the same thing. Last Wednesday night, all of our Primetime (bible study) groups met at the church to stuff 10,000 eggs with candy. It was a great time of fellowship and fun!

The place was packed out! There were people EVERYWHERE! There were all different races present. It gave me a vision of what Heaven is like....all of us together rejoicing and having a good ole' time with our Savior.

Well, we were expecting at least 1000 people to come out. God's vision is always bigger than ours, right? While at service today, someone mentioned to me that there was close to 2000 people there yesterday!!!! It was absolutely amazing!!!!

I got to witness something truly remarkable yesterday, too. As Jae and I were sitting at a table eating, I heard someone being led to the Lord. I quickly got my camera and took a picture of this. I later talked to the guy who led this woman to the Lord and he said that he had just prayed to the Lord for a devine appointment to save someone. WOW!

Look at ALL the kiddos lined up just for the first egg hunt. These pictures only show a small fraction of the kids at just this hunt. We had four hunts with over 1000 kids total. This being said, we've already talked about stuffing around 25,000 eggs next year. Look at this!

I took over 400 pictures, but can't share too many of them without permission. So, you'll get to see just most of my family and me with friends. Sorry! lol!

That's Jae and Morgan with Rovercomer, the Faith Dog. Rovercomer is kind of a mascot at our church. He's a creation of Willie George and Kids on the Move in Tulsa, OK.

I pray that you all had a blessed Easter worshipping our Risen King!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Morgan's Modeling Session

Not too long ago, we ended up signing Morgan up with a modeling agency here in the area. I tell ya, you really have to be careful and check these agents out before signing up with one. We feel comfortable with the agent that we've choosen to represent her.

Anyhow, Morgan had a "Teen Power Shoot" not too long ago. The "Power Shoot" included an eight hour day of changing into four different outfits that they provided, having a makeup artist to do her makeup, a hair stylist and then being photographed by four professional photographers. Whew! What a day it was! Morgan was so excited and nervous all at the same time.

The agency really didn't want the parents to stick around because of the possibility of the teenagers getting nervous while being photographed. Sorry! I wasn't about to just leave my child in the company of ALL strangers just yet. I really like the lady that we are working with at the agency, but still I needed to check things out first. Sooooo, I stuck around for a few hours. Believe it or not, Morgan was perfectly fine with it. In fact, when I told her that I felt comfortable in leaving her alone with the other 15 or so teenagers, she asked me to stay. Imagine that? From a teenager??? lol!

Anyhow, it was an awesome experience for her! She was able to experience how real models have to rush with having to choose an outfit, then running to the next station to get her makeup done or freshened up, then rushing to the next station to get her hair fixed a different way. It was a bit chaotic to say the least. It was tiring me out just watching all of these girls. Okay, one thing that I didn't care for AT ALL and I know that in the real life of modeling this is how it is....but all the photographers were males, right? Well, you had teenagers who would literally strip down to their bra and underwear and change into their next outfit. Morgan was the total odd ball here. She would run alllllllll the way down the long hall to get to the ladies' restroom to change into her next outfit. This is something that I did not care for at all! But then again, I am sure that it's like this in the real world of modeling, right? Hmmmmmmm.....I later asked Morgan if she would be able to do that. She said, "Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" Hmmmm....will she actually get a choice if she ever goes into real modeling?

Okay, here's a few pictures of Morgan that were taken that day.

Okay, for the most part, I liked all of them except for the last two pictures. She was made to look a bit older and not like a teenager, but I guess that's to be expected.

I hope that everyone is having a great week so far. It's almost friiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!!!!