Monday, May 25, 2009

You'll Never Believe Me Again...

I know that I promised prom pictures on my next post! However, today was a very special day...not only was it was Memorial Day and an extra day off work, but it was also our sweet Jaelyn's birthday!!!! She turned eight years old today!!

We've always allowed our girls to have a birthday party to celebrate with their friends, but each birthday (on their special day), they get to choose wherever they want to eat for their birthday dinner.

This year Jae chose Chili's to celebrate her special day! After the last incident that I had there, I wasn't too keen on going. However, it was not my special day, it was Jae's. So, Chili's it was! We had a great visit. I didn't see anyone (a waitress/waiter) blowing their nose this time.

Poor Jae ate so much of her dinner that she couldn't finish her birthday dessert. In fact, she ended up taking only five or six bites of it.

I wanted to share some pictures of her special day with all of you.

I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday weekend! Ours was VERY busy, but we totally enjoyed it!

Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sooooooooooooooo.....What Do Ya'll Think????

I was way overdue for a new hair do!! I FINALLY went for it.

I even changed the color and got me some highlights going on. Soooooooooooo, what do ya'll think?

Okay, I had to take the second picture of me! lol! The teenager had just gotten home from school and did not want to do me a favor in going back outside for just a minute!!! I didn't do too bad, huh? I am sure if my neighbors behind me saw me out there taking pictures of myself, they are probably thinking one of two things....either I am totally weird or conceited, or perhaps even both. lol!

I am so looking forward to a three day weekend! Woo hoo!

My next post will be the prom pictures!!!! We got the CD from our photographer this week. There are over 500 pictures of Morgan and her group. I've asked Morgan to go through them and pick out a few of her favorite ones to share. I promise not to post too many and bore you. Stay tuned!

That's all for now friends! I hope that you all enjoy this long holiday weekend! I sure plan on it!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Say What???

I wonder if all counties are doing this?

Each year around this time, we get an appraisal notice from the county stating what our home appraises for now. Most of us know that your "TAXES" are based on the appraised value of our homes, right?

Okay, this year I don't understand this at all. We moved into this home almost two years ago now. We've made no big improvements at all. Yet, the county appraised our home for $20,000 more than it did last year.

Last time I checked....we're in a recession. Homes are not really selling right now. Though we moved to a new city in the last two years, we've lived in the same county for the last 10 years. In our last home, we made ALL kind of improvements including having a pool built and our home still never appraised for $20,000 more from one year to the next. This is ridiculous!

We were talking to our neighbors and the county has done the same thing to them. This is so not fair! Oops! That just sounded like something my girls would say.

Anyhoo, we can definitely protest this new and improved appraisal and probably will, but guess what? You have to pay for that!!!! We feel a bit cheated on this deal.

This is only a great thing if you're trying to sell your home right now and wanted/needed to make more money on it. And since there are so many homes sitting on the market as it is and knowing that most banks aren't loaning money these days, I get even more irritated thinking about this.

Okay, I did just totally vent here....but I still don't feel much better.

I am soooooooooo glad it's the weekend! I've had a really busy week at work and at home. I plan on doing nothing tonight except for visiting your blogs later tonight. I hope to work in the yard ALL day tomorrow. However, I've heard that it's supposed to rain at some point tomorrow. So, we'll see.

I hope that you all have a great weekend and as always, be blessed!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Shouldn't Have...BUT I DID!!!

Today at work I played a very mean joke on one of my coworkers. I am glad that she could laugh with me about it and not get ticked off. Seriously!

We got a notice from the building management that several cars have been broken into at our parking garage in the last several weeks. The memo reminded us to keep valuable things out of car and to make sure to lock our cars.

Anyhow, I remembered that I carry my camera in the car and thought that maybe I better take a short break and get it out.

On the way back, this crazy thought came into my head of playing a joke on one of my coworkers. I probably shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t resist.

I’d taken my cell phone with me just in case someone jumped from out of nowhere. Mind you that my cell phone doesn’t even get a signal in our parking garage. So, I’d be plum out of luck!

Anyhow, as I got back inside the building and on our floor, I took my cell phone out of my pocket and called Tonya's direct line.

Whispering Me: “Tonya, pleeeeeeeeeassssssssssse help me!”

Loud Tonya: “Huh?”

Whispering Me: “Please call management and get someone down here.”

Loud Tonya: “Huh?”

Whispering Me: “I’ve been knocked out and I need help.”

Loud Paniced Tonya: “Okay, Okay, Okay….Okay, Okay….I’m calling someone now.”

Loud Me: Laughing hysterically as I open the office door and walk in.

Tonya: “Girl, I didn’t know what to do!”

I was going to carry on for a minute more, but thought I’d better end it right then.

Okay, Okay….I know. I’m a meanie!!!!

It was hilarious, though! I enjoyed the laugh and I think she did too!

However, she might not be apt to believe me if I ever called in again for someone to help me, huh?

Now on a serious note, it's pretty scary when we have people coming into a parking garage during business hours and breaking into cars. Unfortunately, I believe that we're going to have more and more things like this happen with so many people being in desperate straights.

I hope that you all are having a great week so far!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Did Ya'll Hear About This?!?!?!?

KFC put out a coupon for a free grilled chicken with a choice of two sides which was supposed to be good through May 19th.

One of my coworkers and her hubby went for lunch - the line was literally out the door. She said that there were people all over the place.

Apparently the coupon was posted on this website and you could print and make as MANY copies as you wanted since they couldn't stop you. In fact, if you happen to like KFC, you could have eaten a grilled chicken everyday 3 times a day for FREE! Oh, and get this! It was also mentioned on The Oprah Show too! Yep, talk about the biggest commercial of all time for KFC.

Anyhow, KFC never dreamed that the coupon would turn out to be so overwhelming. Actually, to call it as I see turned out to be a big mess!!!

First of all, the website "supposedly" crashed and you can no longer print this coupon. Uh.....they didn't think about all the folks out there who had already printed multiple and multiple coupons. Sooo, they came back a couple of days later and announced that they would no longer be able to honor the current coupon at all. This is trip! I've never heard of such a thing. Talk about a mess. I'm not really a fan of KFC. I haven't eaten there in years. I can take it or leave it, but I think the people who really really love KFC will remember this in a negative way.

KFC has actually come up with a new way to make up for the inconvenience caused.

Take a look at this short (one minute) clip from the president of KFC and see what he had to say.

Did any of you get to take advantage of this before it ended so abruptly?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Don't my girl look adorable in her uniform?!??!

Thank you all so much for praying and checking back with me this week to see how Morgan's job is going.

She will be starting her second week on Saturday. Get this... they only had to train her for one day. She had it all down, the register and all, on her first day. She was so happy that the manager thought she was bright enough to run the register alone.

After working a full six hours on her first day, her feet were killing her. In fact, she got a blister on her baby toe. Poor thing! Actually we were laughing at her behind her back. She was so tired that she crashed about 10pm ~ mind you this was on a Saturday night.

Anyhow, she gave me permission to not only take a couple of pictures of her in her uniform, but to also share them with you all. She keeps saying that she knows she looks like a dork in the uniform, but she keeps focusing on making a paycheck while wearing it. lol! That's my girl!

Speaking of a paycheck, she already gets her first paycheck tomorrow for the whole 12 hours that she has worked. She can hardly wait!

Again, thank you all for your prayers and for thinking of my girl. I so appreciate it!

Alright friends...take care and as always, be blessed!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Hope I Never See This Again!!!

I am really grossed out about now!!!

I had a lunch meeting today at Chili’s. The food was awesome! The coke could have been better, but, hey, do we expect for things to be perfect when we eat out????? Okay, I’ll answer…….YES! YES! And YES!

Fortunately for us, they were extremely dead. It was around 11:30 and there were only three other tables being used in the entire place. I asked the girl who waited on us if the economy had really affected their business. I’d heard, or maybe read, a few weeks ago that most restaurants have been affected by the recession. Anyhow, the waitress said they have been extremely slow since the beginning of the year, but in early March they saw it begin to pick up again. Now that the swine flu has hit, she said that they are hardly busy at all anymore.

Okay, so where am I going with this post??????

Again, the food that we had today was AWESOME! I had the Buffalo Chicken Fajitas with a flat coke. The service was suberb!!!!

So what went wrong???? And do I even dare to share this with you???? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….yep, because it is bothering me to no end.

We’re waiting for a check to come, right? As we’re waiting, I glance over to a certain spot in the restaurant where I see a waitress blowing her nose profusely and then digging in it with the tissue she just finishing blowing into. Okay, I should have turned my head then and looked away, but because I am soooooooooo darn stubborn and wanted to watch whether she was going to go back into the kitchen….I kept watching.

Bad mistake for me! She did something even worse, she proceeded to stick the nasty, dirty, snotty tissue in her pocket and then picked out silverware and napkins and took them to the next table. I just about lost my whole lunch. How nasty!!!

Now my mind starts working in overtime. Okay, come on! Are you just that retarded that you didn’t know any better? You are handling other people’s food, could you not have gone to wash your hands before getting the silverware and napkins? It’s obvious that business is extremely slow, what are ya thinking? Most of us (well, maybe just me) are already freaking out on germs as it is. I don’t need to see stuff like this happening in a restaurant where it involves the waiter or waitress who is also handling my food.

I did make a call to the manager once I got back to the office. She was not only shocked, but she was extremely embarrassed about this incident. She said that they have drilled into the workers head in each of their morning meetings the importance of washing their hands; even more so since the Swine Flu. I described the waitress to her as best I could and she was able to pinpoint exactly who it was. She claimed that she was going to have a long talk with her about this.

I know that there’s so much more that goes on in restaurant kitchen. As picky as I am when it comes to my food (or anything for that matter…lol), it’s better altogether if I don’t see it.

I’ll never forget the time that Dirk and I were dining at a certain steakhouse and we had just placed our order and I got up to go wash my hands. Our waitress came out of the toilet stall, fixed her hair, and WALKED OUT OF THE BATHROOM WITHOUT WASHING HER HANDS! Short story….we left the restaurant, called the manager and explained what happened and have never been back. That’s been six or seven years ago.

Now, I will definitely be going back to Chili’s, but it won’t be anytime soon! Dirk sure hated to hear about this. Gosh, I’ve got to get this out of my mind!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

TV Dinner to be Served SOON!!!

My little Jae has no idea what a TV dinner is! Should I be ashamed?!?!?!?! lol!

During dinner last night, Morgan commented on how much her friends love coming to our house because we actually cooked homemade food. Pretty sad if you ask me....not our cooking, but that many of her friends don't get home cooked meals.

Anyhow, Dirk shared with the girls that he was raised on mostly TV dinners and not a whole lot of home cooked meals either. Yep, still pretty sad!

Little Jae innocently said, "Well we've had a TV dinner at our house, haven't we?" I didn't ever recall it, so I looked at Dirk. He said he didn't think so. Jae saw that we were a bit confused and asked again. "Mom, remember that time that the election was on? Well, that night we were eating our dinner while the TV was on? Don't you remember?" Friends, I about fell out of my seat! lol! We normally don't have the TV on while eating dinner but that was obviously a special night (no matter what your political bent) so we had it on that one time. So, my little Jae thought she had summed it up...."We had a TV dinner at our house once."

I really had no idea she didn't know what a TV dinner was, but if we've never had would make sense that she didn't, right?

I guess I'll have to treat her to a real TV dinner before she actually moves out. lol!

Oh, boy! What a trip!

Hey friends, please remember to pray for Morgan tonight and tomorrow if you think about it. She starts her new J-O-B tomorrow at 11:30am!!!!!!!

I will be visiting you all later tonight!

Be blessed and have a FABULOUS weekend!