Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello Friends...

WOW! I can't believe it's been two whole months since I posted something. The last post was about Morgan leaving for Europe. Well, she's back home, safe and sound! I wanted to post pictures from the trip to share with you all, but's just too much for me to do right now. The group took over 2000 photos. I had this grand idea that I would be responsible for collecting all the SD cards and making a DVD for each student. That alone nearly did me in. lol! Seriously!! Anyhow, thank you all for praying for her safe travels. Your prayers helped!

School will be ending soon for the summer break. I will have a senior and a 4th grader next year...well, actually later this year!

There are so many people graduating this year that we know...either from high school or from college. We are also hearing some sad stories for the ones graduating from college. Many of them are having a difficult time finding a job in the field they got their degree in. There was this girl at Home Depot the other day helping me in the paint dept. She was sharing with me that she went to college for five years to get a degree in Leadership/Development. She's been searching for a job since last June. She finally took the job at HD in order to have spending money. So sad!

On a brighter note, my work is good! Business has picked up a LOT! Praise the Lord! In fact, we are actually turning customers away now. Imagaine that!!! Just this time last year, we would have given our service away for free just to say that we had gained a new customer. lol!

We don't have a whole lot going on this weekend! Yay!

It's RAINING MAD here in Dallas! Another yay since we planted over 200 bulbs a couple of weeks ago. I haven't done anything in my backyard since we moved here. We've put flowers out in the front, but nothing in the backyard. Since I won't be getting my pool any time soon, I figured it was time to get over it and have some color out back as well. lol!

Thanks for always e-mailing me and checking in on me and my family! You all are truly a blessing!

Sorry that I stay away so long. I'll try not to stay away so long this time!

Have a great weekend!