Friday, September 4, 2009

Yep, I'm Still ALIVE!!!

There's been wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much going on around here. I just realized that it's been almost two weeks since my last update. Don't worry... I won't dare write about everything that's been going on. This will be one of those random sentence or two posts.

My girls went back to school on August 27th. Jaelyn is in 3rd grade and Morgan is a junior! It's so hard to believe that I have a JUNIOR!!!! April, I think of you often knowing that you have a SENIOR this year!!!

Morgan turned 16 on August 29th, got her license on Monday, August 31st and started driving all by herself the same day. I was having a difficult time on Monday with her driving without us there to guide her. I will still continue to be concerned as long as she's out there driving. However, she has done exceptionally well so far. Praise the Lord for calming me down in this area! I think I was not only wearing myself out but also wearing my poor hubby out as well with all my worrying. Mind you... Dirk doesn't worry about anything. Is my hubby the only one in this dept... Worry free!?!??!?! I kid him all the time that he will surely live longer than me.

Do any of you totally forget how old you are? Don't laugh... I'm really serious. For the life of me, I cannot seem to remember my age. I have been telling people ALL year that I am 38. This coming Tuesday is my birthday. Dirk and I were talking earlier this week and he said, "Quick, tell me; how old are you're going to be?" I quickly said, "39!" He just looked at me and shook his head...."Daphine, you're going to be 38." I seem to do this every year! I guess I am just one of those abnormal people. Who in the world would say that they are older, especially when they are no longer a teenager???? Seriously!

Dirk is in the kitchen right now baking a buttermilk pie. Have any of you ever had one of these???? I love me some buttermilk pie!!! He recently mastered a recipe for it and this is the 3rd one he's made in less than two weeks. I took one to work and shared with the ladies there, so we're not totally that ridiculous around here.

We have absolutely nothing going on this Labor Day weekend and I AM SO HAPPY about that!
I can't wait to pop in and see what you all have been up to. Though I am not on as often as I used to be, I do think of you all often.

On my next post..... I'll have to share some pictures of Morgan's Birthday Tea Party that her Nana gave to her. It was a real treat!

Okay......that buttermilk pie is calling my name!

Have a great weekend, all!