Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My To-Do List Is Out of Control!!!!

Today was an extremely crazy, busy day for me! Usually when I lay down for the night, for the most part, I don't have a problem going to sleep. Last night, after making out my to-do list for today, I could hardly go to sleep while thinking how in the WORLD I was going to accomplish it all. Well, I didn't accomplish it all, but I got some of the important things out of the way.

I worked until noon. I had to drop Jaelyn off at my sister's house. Morgan had an appointment with a modeling agency at 2:30. I had to stand in a very long line to get my driver's license. Morgan had a doctor's appointment at 4:30. We had to meet back up with my sister to pick up Jae. I had to stop at the store and buy some of the ingredients for our meal for Thanksgiving. To say the least, I am a bit tired and will probably go to bed early tonight......around 11 instead of midnight.

Last week, we received a call from a modeling agency for Morgan after they looked at some photos I submitted. During the course of her interview with them, I started having second thoughts about her doing this. I already knew some of the things that were said, but it just seemed more real today. Some of the things that the lady was asking or saying to Morgan were things like;

1. Do you have tough skin for someone to correct the way you look or what you're wearing?
2. Are you mature enough for this?
3. Can you act professional?
4. It's a tough profession to be in, are you ready for that?
5. You have to always watch what you're eating and keep your figure.
6. You have to exercise.
7. It's very competitive.
8. It's not like America's Next Top Model, the jobs are not just given to you. Whatever that means.

There was other stuff said, but the last thing I remember her saying after was, "Do you still want to do this?" lol!

Morgan didn't skip a beat. "Yes, sure", she said.

On the other hand, I was thinking to myself...."FORGET IT!!!"

I honestly tried to talk Morgan out of it when we got in the car, but she is sold out and really wants to give it a try. Sooooooooooo, we'll do the next couple of things that they have asked us to do and see what happens when new assignments start coming in January.

I was happy to get a new license today since mine was stolen last week. I tell ya, I felt like a criminal driving without a license. Wait! I actually was a criminal. I think I've seen more police cars since last Friday (the day after I had no license) than I've seen all this year!!!! At one time, I seriously starting thinking what if I got pulled over for whatever reason? How would I ever get a cop to feel sorry for me having my purse stolen a few days ago, but I didn't think it was important enough to go and get a new license the next day? I realize now that my priorities were messed up. I should not have worried so much about getting my window fixed the next day and should have gotten a new license. Okay, enough! I got it taken care of today! What a bad example that was, though. Okay! I'll stop!

Oh, last thing....we've decided to do the traditional Thanksgiving meal after all instead of Mexican food. Long story. Don't worry, I'll spare ya the details!

Whew! I'm tired after typing all of this. Aren't you glad??? lol!


Denise said...

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving my friend. I love you.

Mod Girl said...

Morgan is such a beautiful girl... I'm not surprised that she is pursuing modeling. I wish her the best in this pursuit, however God may lead her.

You are one busy mama! Enjoy the holiday and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

He And Me + 3 said...

Your girls are both beautiful enough to be models. It takes pretty special kids to do that business. My kids are in the industry, but as little as possible, and it is still overwhelming. Sam has had 3 paid Modeling jobs, and loves to do it. They have to have a certain disposition to be a model as well. My son...has had 2 modeling jobs and we since found out he is not cut out for that line of work. Yeah for her! My list was out of control today too. I feel your pain:) Hope you get good rest tonight and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Alicia said...

Wow..you have been buzzzzy!! At least you were able to take care of the important things today! It's hard when you're on a time crunch!

That's interesting about the modeling! I guess they just want to get it all out on the table to make sure they really do want to do it. That's going to be neat to hear her progress!! I think that's awesome!!

Lorrie said...

You have been a busy lady! You'll have to keep us posted on how the modeling goes, I know why,as a mom you're feeling a bit uncomfortable hearing that long list of stuff!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Daphine!

Sandy Toes said...

Enjoy the holiday..kids are so difficult when it comes to letting them spread their wings or not..it's hard!
May you have a good Thanksgiving!
-sandy toes

Debra said...


I pray the Lord blesses Morgan if that is the desire of her heart and His will. She is certainly a beautiful young lady!

And I'm so glad you got your new license...check that off the list sweetie!

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!

((hugs)) to you!

Speaking from the Heart said...

Girlfriend, you had ONE busy day. No wonder you are tired. We're in Alabama visiting families. Being in the car for 13 hours is nothing, compare to your busy day. Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...


Whew girl! You made me tired just reading all of that. You were very busy today!

Morgan is a beautiful young lady and I hope she does well at modeling.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Jennifer Raack said...

Lessons regarding modeling:

1. Don't pay them to take pictures. This is a ploy used by "modeling" agencies to get your money. Reputable companies (such as Ford) will take portfolio pictures for you (at their cost)....per the Tyra Banks Show..:)

2. State up front what you are and are not willing to do. What you don't want is for Morgan to get to a shoot and be expected to pose partially clad! (I had to model girls pajames because of this when I was a teenager and I found it extremely humiliating...especially when the boys and grown men were whistling when I walked out. It truly was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. I was too innocent to be put in that kind of situation!

Glad you finally got your license renewed (so you wouldn't look guilty in front of all of the police officers). I'm surprised you didn't get pulled over just because you looked suspicious because you were so nervous about your license. I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you!...lol!

Melissa said...

wow! crazy busy day!

enjoy your traditional Thanksgiving!

Edie said...

Praying that God will direct Morgan's decisions. Your daughters are very beautiful young girls.

Glad you got the license. Would hate to see a post that you needed someone to come bail you out. ;)

Hey after your comment on my zoo adventure post I was wondering... How are things coming along with the dog? :)

Jill said...

Wishing you, Dirk and the girls a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I like your long stories : )! You never have to spare details for me! I will pray about her modeling. I must not have been a reader when you talked about that, but the first time I saw her pictures I thought she was very beautiful! The baby too! Such pretty girls!

Stacey said...

Yeah, both of your girls could definitely be models. That is a tough decision for you as the Mom. Morgan is probably very flattered and excited. Maybe give it a try and be picky...are you allowed to be picky?

Lindsay-ann said...

I hope today is a bit calmer for you. My head would be spinning with all that going on!
Sending my very best Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and that Morgan is a huge success with her modeling. She's such a pretty girl. If that's what she chooses and is God's will, then the right doors will open and close for her. That's the best part of trusting Him.

Sounds like you're running around, too, and I hope you get some time to savor all the little things that make life fun.

I have taken the liberty of adding you to my blog roll. I hope that's okay. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



Jennifer said...

Happy Thanksgiving, friend! Have a beautiful day with your family...thanks for all your sweet comments at my blog. You are great blogging friend!!

Anonymous said...

You really crack me up. You are so hard on yourself. I think it's okay that it took a few days to get your lisence. You didn't do it on purpose as to get away with anything. You aren't a criminal, you are just busy. And, the window guy came to your office...the DMV, last I checked, doesn't come to the office to issues driver's lisences. Wish they did! Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. This year I can add one more thing to my thankful list...you! Glad God brought me a great new friend this year.

Love ya',

Darlene said...

Hi Daphine,

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sit A Spell said...

Glad you could "sit a spell" (on my blog) looks like you really needed to sit a spell after that day!

I love Mexican food!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day.
May God bless Morgan's modelling career.
And may God bless you and your wonderful family. :)

Wendy said...

Phew! I'm worn out just reading this post!! lol!!
Best wishes and good luck to Morgan, in whatever way she decides to go forward, she is truly beautiful so I'm soooo not suprised she is going ahead with modeling.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Debra said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Daphine!


April said...

Hey dear friend!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to ya!! Hope it was a good one! You know, when I read that you were going to have Mexican food, you almost had me talked into trying it, too, but Chris poo-pooed the idea. Maybe for Christmas, so we'll see! Personally, I love the idea!

Morgan will definitely do well in the modeling business...she's very photogenic (as is Jae). I hope it works out for her.

I have so many things on my "to-do list" it isn't even funny! I'll just tackle it one step at a time.

Have a good one, Daphine...I'm thinking of you!

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

Can't remember how I found you but wanted to just say I did some modeling in high school, and it was not what I thought it would be...I enjoyed it but didn't do it long enough for it to become what I thought it would be. I did events and they used us as more of "spokes/salespeople" then anything. Then they wanted me to do a hair show and asked me if I would be OK with getting my hair cut -- I never did it again! :) NO WAY!! Maybe if I had stuck with it it would have turned into more of the print modeling, etc. But just some advice -- it's not always what they think it will be -- aka not as fun! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Rebekah said...

Sounds like a busy day!
I have felt like a criminal too....I'm driving with expired tags. I've forgotten to go get my sticker, and the other day a policeman was behind me for a while(on the way to the hospital to visit my new nephew of all things!). I just knew he was getting ready to pull me over and holding my breath. But, amazingly he turned and went in another direction. Yay!! I have to get my new sticker though. I don't like feeling like criminal! :)

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Daphine, Thanks so much for visiting my new blog and your kindness. I really appreciate it. I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. Please come back and visit anytime. You're always welcome. Warmly, Melissa :)

Katie said...

WOW, so cool. She is a beauty!