Friday, March 12, 2010

The Long Anticipated Trip to... EUROPE!!!!

Well, after many months of working hard and saving her money, our sweet Morgan finally left for Europe today. She went with her Humanities class for Spring Break to Paris, Rome, and London. She'll be gone for nine days!

She has almost been too much to handle this week with all her excitement! We spent several hours this week just looking for the perfect backpack! Seriously! And after her purchasing four different ones, she ended up borrowing one from a friend! Thank God that her Nana K and Grandad gave her the PERFECT luggage for Christmas or I would have had to put her out of the house by now. lol!

I am very happy for her and that she's getting to tour a part of the world that I may never get to see, but I am worn out, friends!

It must have been the Lord to drop this in my spirit, but on the way back from the airport I mentioned to Dirk that I wanted to turn on Morgan's radio in her room and for praise and worship music to be playing 24/7 while she's gone. We will infuse her room with the Spirit of the Lord until it soaks into the walls and fills the whole room with His Glory!

If you think about it, please say a prayer for her safe travel there and back to Dallas!

I only took about 100 pictures at the airport this morning, but I'll just share a few with ya!

I hope that she will take lots of pictures!!!

Have a great weekend friends!


Jennifer said...

Wow! What FUN! I can only imagine how tired you are from
all the preperations for this trip. Will say a prayer for her safety to and from. Looking forward to the pictures. (by the have you been?)

Beth E. said...

What a great idea to play praise music in her room! You are so clever.

I know you are already missing Morgan. Praying for you and your hubby while she's gone. Praying for Morgan, too. She's gonna do just fine.

Looking forward to hearing all about her trip!


Kristin said...

This is so exciting! I love her shirt! I will be praying, of course. How are you doing with all of this? :D I know it must be hard to let her go, but she will remember this for a lifetime, I bet! Enjoy your weekend, Daphine!

Ginger said...

This sounds like an amazing trip. I know she's going to have great time. She is such a pretty girl. Great idea about the music!

He & Me + 3 said...

she is just beautiful. I hope that she has the best time. Actress' Godmother visits there every summer and loves it. 9 days...she is going to have a great time! Please share pictures when she returns.
praying she is safe and having fun!

Lorrie said...

I know this will be a wonderful trip for her Daphine!

~Lisi P. said...

Oh wow, the day came quickly!! I'm so happy that she'll have this experience. How exciting!!!

Praying for traveling mercies over her and everyone who's going. I pray for the parents who are here too :)

Good to see a post from you!!! You've been missed on here.

Blessings :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Daphine
Morgan is going to have the most fantastic time. I love her shirt. I hope she has some warm clothing with her - it's still freeeeeeezing over here!
I love your praise music idea. I will pray for her safe travels.
I look forward to seeing her pictures and hearing all about it.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Oh Daphine, I know you're missing her, but what a wonderful opportunity for your girl! Won't it be wonderful to be reunited in a week and listen to all of her adventure tales?!

Alicia said...

Daphne!! Oh my gosh...I can't believe it is already here!!

Wow!! How exciting for her!!

Love that you are playing Worship music in her room while she's gone!

I will definitely be praying for her!!

Stacey said...

Hi Girl!

Morgan is off for the adventure of a lifetime! I just admire these kids who have the nerve to go on trips like that. I had a friend who traveled Europe alone in college. Imagine!

I know she will have a wonderful time. You try not to worry too much. :)

Anonymous said...

Check out that shirt!! She is dressed for the occasion. :)

I too hope she takes bunches pictures!

Heather said...

so exciting! i lover her t-shirt! neat idea with the praise & worship music in her room until she returns. these are going to be the fastest 9 days of her life and the longest 9 days of your life. praying for you both!

LisaShaw said...

What a beautiful Mother and Daughter! I am praying for Morgan right now and all those she went with. Keeping the room filled with worship and praise music combined with your prayers and ours is absolutely powerful! I'm honored to stand in prayer with you.

Love you.

Jill said...

Nine days - WOW! How funny that it will probably fly by for her and crawl at a snail's pace for you! I hope she has a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...


I am so excited for Morgan! I know exactly what she is feeling. I was fortunate enough to also take a trip to Europe when I was a teenager. My parents sent me for graduation to France & Switzerland. I spent 12 days there and loved every minute of it. I hope she has a wonderful time and learns so much! It's quite an experience! Praying for her safety while there and on her return trip!


April said...

I am so thrilled for Morgan...I want to go to Europe, too! What an amazing she'll always remember! I think God is preparing your heart for when she leaves for college...get ready! Sending you lots of hugs...and prayers for Morgan's safe return!

Bay Jones said...

Hope And pray she is having a blast!

Darlene said...

She is going to have the time of her life!!!!!! Prayers for her safe journey.♥

michele said...

What a trip of a lifetime! How wonderful! I love what you are doing with the praise music too.

Speaking from the Heart said...

Without a doubt, I know you already miss her smiling face. I will pray for her safety, and for you and Dirk to have feeling of peace while your princess is afar.

Edie said...

How fun! I love your idea to infuse her room with praise and worship. I will put that one to good use.

Praying for safe and enjoyable travels.

Have a wonderful celebration of the Risen Christ! ((Hugs))

LisaShaw said...

Hey Sugar, praying for your daughter and your family. Loads of love!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Daphine
How did Morgan's trip go? I would love to hear all about it.
Hope you are ok and hope you got my e-mail sent a few weeks ago.
Best Wishes

LisaShaw said...

Hey Sis, touching base. Praying all is well. Love you.

Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. It is so exciting to get to watch her go on such a grand adventure. That is magnificent : ) She is so beautiful. Just like her Mama!

~Lisi P. said...

Hey friend! Hope that all is well. Blessings!

LisaShaw said...

Hey Sister!

Came on by to love on you and your family! I pray that all is well with you. Missing you!


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