Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day ~ A Day Off

So, today I was off work for Columbus Day. Dirk had to work, but the girls were out of school. It was a great day well spent with just me and my girls.

I slept until 9am!!!! This is LATE for me!

I actually had a hair appointment, but it was cancelled. I was a little upset at first because I'm so ready to go back to my straight hairdo. I'm tired of the curls now!

Anyhew, all turned out well....

Jae and I went outside around 9:30. We both had our own plan. She wanted to ride her bike, run up and down the driveway, and play with her baby dolls. I wanted to CLEAN out my garage. For the last month, I have gotten sooooooooooooooo annoyed when we pull into the garage. It was a pitiful mess and pretty embarrassing. Oh, there's no one that really saw it...the thought of someone possibly seeing it was an embarrassing thought for me. I know....crazy, huh?

So, I got the garage completely cleaned out and it looks fabulous. I would post a picture of it, but my sister-in-law will start making fun of me again for taking pictures of unusual things. I thought that I would post some more entertaining pics of Jae instead.

One of my wonderful neighbors shared with me this fabulous recipe for the Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies. I actually bought all the ingredients last week, but didn't get around to making them until now.

So, with all this free time on my hands, I decided to make them with my girls today! Before looking at the pictures below, Morgan requested that I let you all know that she did not look her best because she'd just gotten up at noon and only brushed her teeth and washed her hands so she could be in on making the cookies. Whatever! LOL! I didn't look too hot myself, but I'm past the point of trying to look good every time the camera comes out.

Without further ado, here's a few pictures of us making the cookies this afternoon.

Jae was patiently waiting for the first batch of cookies to come out of the oven! She thought if she watched them, she could let me know when they were done. LOL!

Okay, look at these! Morgan (the photographer of the family) took several shots of them. They all turned out so well that it was hard for me to pick which shot I liked best. Soooooooooo, I posted my best four shots. Don't they look AWESOME?!?!?!?!

The girls claim that these are the best cookies they've ever tasted.

I also scored BIG POINTS with Jae. The whole time we were making the cookies, she kept jumping around in the kitchen. At one point, she said, "Mom, you're a perfect mom." I knew why she was probably saying this, but because she always has such a way with words for a 7-year old, I asked why was she saying that I was the perfect mom. She said, "I just think that you are." I asked, "Are you saying it because I let you help with the cookies?" She said, "No, I've been wanting to tell you that for a long time, but I always forget when you and Daddy are talking." LOL! Though I am far from perfect, I would like to hear my teenager say these words. Hey, I can always dream, right?

Back to the cookies....they were absolutley delicious! After having more of them tonight, I must agree with the girls, they are the best homemade cookies I've ever tasted too!

One last thing, Dirk just asked me if these are my four best shots, how many shots were taken. Some things are better left unsaid.


Jennifer Raack said...

YUMMY...those cookies look delicious!! Are you going to share the recipe?

Could you come over and clean out my garage since you have experience at it now? I too and embarrassed about my garage each time I open it!

Tell Morgan she looked great in the pictures (and you too)! I wish I could look like that after just brushing my teeth Who am I kidding, I wish I could look that good after I take a shower, fix my hair, and put on make up!!!

Heather said...

yum yum yum! i've never eaten those cookies before and they look heavenly! i love the picture of your daughter watching the cookies bake. what a cute pic!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls ya got there!!

And the cookies... lookin' delish!

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look yummy! Glad that you guys had a great day off from school and work. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are great!

Carrie said...

Those cookies looks so good! I love cooking with my kids. You need to share the recipe.

Mod Girl said...

Ahhhh, a day off from school! We had one too and it was great! It's always fun to make cookies with the kids.

You have a beautiful blog and two beautiful girls.

Betsy said...

Look very tasty! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sandy Toes said...

Now...after you just tempted us with those delicious looking cookies...are you going to ShArE the recipe with all your blog friends?

Great pictures!
-Sandy Toes

Debra said...


What a great way to spend your day off....time with your girls baking!

The cookies look awesome. Your girls are beautiful, like their mama!

((hugs)) & blessings to you today!

Anonymous said...

How about baking us those cookies for Thanksgiving? I cannnot believe how big Jae has gotten. They all need to slow down!! Are you taking them to moma's this weekend?

I am taking mine Thursday; they get out of school at noon. And they don't have school Friday. Guess what I am going to do? SLEEP, SLEEP, and more SLEEP.

It has been hard seeing Lucy in her condition. But we cannot question God. She has only spoken two words since her stroke.

Oh... back to the cookies... I am sure Kelly would wnat them too.

I will call you after my lab class!!

Love you,Sis

Vickie G

April said...

Isn't it fun to cook and bake with your girls? Abby enjoys it more than Brittany, but we still love to spend that quality time together, just the three of us. Great food; great memories! Your daughters are so mother, like daughters! :)

Please come over my direction and do some serious cleaning out of my garage! PLEASE!!! I have got to get going on that project sooner or later!! Just never enough time to tackle it!

Those cookies look scrumptious!! You can't leave us all hanging, Daphine! You must share that recipe!!

Have a terrific day!!

Annikke said...

Those cookies looked wonderful!! Yum!

Darlene said...

Great pictures of Jae riding around on her bike. Looks like she had fun while you cleaned the garage.

All of you look great making the cookies and they do look DELICIOUS! YUM!

Sounds like you had a GREAT day all the way around!

April said...


Just wanted to let you know that you really should get your own TV advice show. You are so good! I so appreciate your support, encouragement, understanding, and friendship. I'm going to get Brittany to see the light if it's the last thing I do! Andrew needs to go! He just isn't a very compassionate person and it hurts her, which hurts me. That boy doesn't know who he's messing with now! I'll keep you updated!

Thanks, again!!!!!!

Jill said...

Yeah, those cookies look delicious!
I can't wait til my daughter is old enough to help me bake cookies :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my those look WONDERFUL! I have been thinking about having a little blog swap for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe...I thought I had come across a winner - but those look great.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging words. Have a great week!


Wendy said...

I just LOVE this post!! You Guys are so pretty it makes me sick!! lol!!
What a WONDERFUL day you had! Well done on the Garage clean out and Them Cookies........mmmmmmmmmm....They look perfect!!

Tarah said...

What is the temperature down where you are?? Cute little dress in October!!!

Great job cleaning out the garage. I need to do this too, but I don't have the energy.

I say, you should tell your sister that all of us like seeing all the random pictures! Go for it- take a picture of that garage.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you three girls has a wonderful day off yesterday. And I really like that both girls helped you make the cookies. I have had those before and they are pretty wonderful. On my recent scrapbook retreat we also had Nieman Marcus cake. It's nothing like the cookies except absolutely delicious. And great pics all around. Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

Cute girls!

Those cookies sure look good. I WANT ONE NOW! get a lot a blog comments! :)

Shanda said...

Your cookies look yummy and your little girl is just silly cute riding her bike in those shoes. Ah to be kid again. Looks like it was a fun day off. Horayy for old Colombus. We got a lot done here work wise also.