Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

After a very frustrating night of busyness (which is no one's fault but my own) I am truly thankful that it was not only a learning experience for me in the cooking department, but also a reminder to me that I am not Superwoman.

I have this wonderful recipe for Tomato Basil Soup that I've cooked for the office several times before and everyone has always loved it. Before it got cold outside, I was already asked if I'd make it. So, the plan was, as soon as it got cold enough for it, I would make it for all of us.

The issue that I ran into tonight was that, not only did I want to make the soup, but I wanted to make the salad, pick up the special bread that we eat with it, buy soft drinks and make dessert. Hello????? What was I thinking?

The only thing that went well was the soup and buying the bread. I will have to go to a local soup/salad place in the morning to get the salad.

The nightmare was making the dessert. One of the wonderful ladies at the office is very particular about desserts, but she LOVES chocolate. Well, we all like chocolate. So, I figured if I made a chocolate cake I couldn't go wrong. You would think that working a full-time job, coming home to tend to the girls, my turn to also cook dinner would have been enough in itself for me. Common sense would have told me that it was wayyyyyyyyyyy to much for me to try and make a HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CAKE!

Well, after using a recipe (step-by-step) off the internet, it turned out looking and tasting like something from an Easy Bake Oven that a kid would make. Sorry! It looked and tasted like something awful. So, I had to start from scratch with another recipe from the internet. Let me also share that I've never made a homemade chocolate cake. Anyhow, I follow this recipe step-by-step as well. Unlike the other cake...the batter color looked great and it also tasted great. I felt very proud of myself. I hurried to get it in the oven. I was all set to start my soup, right? Before I even realized it, I reset the timer for the soup and forgot that I was already using the timer for my cake. Oh my goodness. I just about wanted to cry! I hate opening the oven when a cake is baking (fear that it'll crack). But, in this case....I didn't have a choice. I stuck a toothpick inside. It was perfect! I took it and was very THANKFUL that it turned out great. I made homemade chocolate cream cheese icing too! It turned out perfect too!

Sorry you had to read so much in order for me to get to the point of this week's Thankful Thursday! lol! I just have so much (too much) to say these days.

Anyhow, since everyone at the office is counting on me to bring lunch...I am thankful that I will be able to pull this off.

I am thankful that God saw my heart and helped me just in time before I crumbled.

I am thankful that I work with a group of awesome ladies who all love the Lord and we can openly talk about God and His Word.

If you read my last post, I am also thankful that my coworkers also trust me to wash my hands while I prepared their lunch.

Happy Thursday, friends!

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Kim said...

I am glad things worked out! I think we all get ourselves in tight spots like that... especially during the holidays with all of the special events going on.

p.s. I would love to have your recipe for tomato basil soup. That is one of Courtney's favorites at Crisper's.

Kim said...

I am glad things worked out! I think we all get ourselves in tight spots like that... especially during the holidays with all of the special events going on.

p.s. I would love to have your recipe for tomato basil soup. That is one of Courtney's favorites at Crisper's.

Anonymous said...

You really did take on a lot, huh... I am sorry that your first cake was so bad but am glad the second turned out good. I hope everything at work goes well. Enjoy!

Tarah said...

Will you share your soup recipe???:) PLEASE!!!!

Alicia said... are busy as a bee!! But, it sounds like you are up to the challenge!! Good for you, and I'm glad that your yummy sounding dessert ended up being okay!! I would love the recipe for your soup one day! My hubby LOVES tomato soup!! Have a wonderful Thursday!

April said...

Boy, I'm exhausted just reading about everything you went through! I truly stand in are "Superwoman" in my eyes!

In the long run, I'm so relieved to know that everything worked out just great...whew! I bet everyone will gobble down all that wonderful food you prepared (with washed hands, of course!) :)

Hope your Thursday is completely stress-free...hey, we can dream, can't we???

Lisa said...

thank you for visiting my blog, you have a lovely family and it was very nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading your post

Darlene said...

Oh girl you went all out didn't you. I am so glad your second cake came out wonderfully. Your people are blessed that you do wash your hands before cooking for them. When I used to work somewhere that there was pot-luck lunches or people would just bring food I would have a hard time unless I knew the person and had been to their home. One girl used to always bring things and she was well kept and washed her hands a lot....but after going to her home I never ate anything else she brought to . Enjoy the meal worked hard to prepare it!

Brandi said...

Great for you for trying again!! I'm glad the cake turned out so great - it sounds yummy!

Beth E. said...

Haha, yes, everyone at your office should definitely be thankful that you wash your hands!

I had a similar experience to Darlene's. I am also very particular about whose food I'll eat. At our church potluck dinners, I'm always asking everyone, "Who made this?" It would be so much easier if everyone put their names on the dishes! lol

Sounds like your meal is going to be wonderful. Our family loves soups...would you consider sharing your recipe?


Stacey said...

You are so sweet to do that for everyone. I see in the comments that we all want you to share the soup recipe. I'm interested in chocolate cream cheese icing. I cheat sometimes and make cake from the box with homemade icing. It's perfect!

Debra said...


Happy Thursday, my friend! What a great TT post! Such a treat you have prepared for your co-workers. And that sounds so like bless others so!

I pray you have a beautiful lunch and everyone enjoys the fruits of your labor.

Much love, sweet friend.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I'm glad everything turned out okay. :)

Speaking from the Heart said...

Let me guess, you are a perfectionist. right? I am glad everything came out well. I have no doubt your co-workers will enjoy every bite of the soup and cake.


Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I am so glad that the second cake turned out well and that you were able to get it all done! I do this kind of thing to myself ALL the time! It starts out simple, but gets way too complicated! But I know everyone at work will love it and be so touched by your thoughtfulness! :) Have a beautiful day! :)

Sandy Toes said...

Such a great Thursday Thankful! Love it!!! You have a lot to be thankful for...great co-workers are a blessing indeed!
-sandy toes

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Happy Thursday to you too! I am thankful for you and your blog! Thanks for being such a great friend to me! ♥ Hugs :)

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, I just love the post below, with your adorable new puppy!
Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...

Thankful Thursday!!
Thank you for thinking in us.
Thank you for the excellent tomato soup with the basil,the bread and chocolate cake. It is not just I feel special is the quality time that we spent sharing JUST STUFF...
Thank you God to give me the opportunity to meet Daphanie and family. She is a wonderful as a friend, lovely as a mother with her children, excellent as a boss.

Heather said...

i'm so glad everything worked out for you! it all sounds delicious! and of course YOU wash your hands, lol.
speaking of turning off the timer while cooking, i did something worse last week. i decided to make us a little thanksgiving dinner after nathan's hunting trip. i was cooking turkey in the oven, and then decided to finish making my cornbread stuffing. it was too early to put it in the oven once i put it all together so i wrapped it up and put it in the fridge until later, and saw that the oven was on, so i turned the oven OFF thinking i had turned it on for the stuffing... about 1 hour later, i realized the turkey was in the oven and the oven was OFF! i can not believe i forgot the stinkin bird was in the oven. so needless to say, it took almost 1 1/2 hours MORE than expected just for the turkey to be done cooking. it was not a fun evening. we ended up eating the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy with fishsticks because we were starved and couldn't wait for the bird to be done since we really had no idea how much longer it would take! talk about fun! lol

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so impressed! Homeade soup and homeade cake : ). Your office ladies rock! I just hope they all WASH their hands before digging in. xo

He And Me + 3 said...

Wow, you were busy...So glad that you washed your hands. LOL You are so funny. Glad that the dessert turned out fine.

Susan said...

Hey Daphine,

Wow, I wish I working in YOUR office!

That was so sweet of you to go through SO MUCH trouble to bless that lady.

You are a real sweet heart!

Let us know how things worked out. What to share your soup recipe?


Anonymous said...

I just want to thank Daphine for the wonderful lunch. The soup was great as usual but the cake was wonderful!! I want to thank Daphine for not only being a wonderful boss but for being a wonderful friend.

I want to especially thank the Lord for putting you and your family in my life.


Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
Great! Keep writing…….
Good week……… You are Welcomed to my blog…….

Laurin R. Kelly said...

I'm glad that you got your cake made! Yay! I'm glad that you learned from this experience and I'm glad that you are doing well!!

Mod Girl said...

You can come cook at my house any day! Did everyone enjoy your labor of love?

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Yea! I'm so glad you got through this! I'm trying to be superwoman next week. ;-)

Daphine, if you ever need a really good, no-fail recipe, go to Paula Deen's website. She has the world's best pound cake! My niece takes it everywhere she goes, and people rave about it. She's also the queen of chocolate. ;-) I did Christmas Eve dinner last year from recipes on her site (and cookbooks), and it was perfection.


Sheila... who doesn't like to cook, but loves to eat good food! ;-)

Named Alicia said...

That sounds like me in the kitchen! But I am glad things worked out! Take care my friend!