Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stella Arrives Texas Just in Time...

to bring in the New Year with us.

Some of you already know about Stella, but many of you who read my blog might not. The idea of Stitching Stella was created by Lindsay-ann and Lorrie. Stella is to visit as many locations around the world as possible in exactly one year. It's a really neat idea and I am so happy to be a part of this and show Stella just a tad bit here in Texas.

Stella started her journey with Lindsay-ann in England. She then travelled on to North Carolina to meet Lorrie and spend a few days there. During the Christmas holiday, she was visiting April in Georgia. These wonderful ladies have really shown Stella a great time so far. I hope that she doesn't get too bored during her visit with us. lol!

I had mentioned to my family a few days ago that we would be having a visitor. Dirk thought this was a neat idea. However, my girls thought that I had fallen off my rocker. lol! They totally don't understand how I can be having this much fun in "blogland". However, when Dirk brought the package in to me yesterday, Jae was right by my side with excitement (like me) as I was opening up the package.

We filled Stella in on our plans for New Year's Eve, which, by the way, weren't big plans. We didn't know anyone who was having a New Year's party. Or maybe they were and we just weren't invited. lol! Anyhow, we just planned on staying home and having our own little party....just the four of us (Morgan was invited to a friend's house for a party, so the four of us included Dirk, myself, Jae and my niece, Mackenzie).

We had a BIG menu for our party. We had Rotel dip, chips, Lil' Smokies and soft drinks. Later, we tried out our new fondue machine, which turned out to be a bit of a disaster. During the Christmas holidays, we attended a couple of parties where they had the chocolate fondue fountain. I soooooooo fell in love with dipping strawberries, bananas and marshmallows into chocolate. So, we bought an electric fondue pot. We figured that we would get more use out of ours if we just bought the pot instead of the big ole' fountain machine. Anyhow, I didn't think that melting a bag of chocolate would be so complicated. I am guessing at this point, since our bag of chocolate turned into a big slab of thick mess, that there's a certain type of chocolate you must use for a fondue pot. I'm telling ya, it was melted alright....but it was not the same smooth, rich-looking chocolate that anyone could just dip their whatever in. It was thick and almost dough-like. In fact, we had to use a spoon to pick up each bite. Meaning....take a bite of strawberry then a spoon of chocolate. After doing this about three times, I lost interest. I plan on asking my expert friends today, who have their own machine, what kind of chocolate we're supposed to use. If you know, please let me know.

Sorry, I tend to ramble once I get started on something. Now back to Stella's arrival.

I do believe that Stella was happy that we weren't going out for the evening. She hung out with us a little while in the kitchen and checked out the few decorations that we had.

I told you it was just a few!

Anyhow, she tried taking Gucci's bed for the night, but Gucci (in a nice way) told her that he didn't think so. Look at the expression on his face.

Stella finally took a seat in the living room where Dirk gladly showed her the remote in order to relax.

This is fun! Well, it is for me so far. We'll see how much fun Stella has while visiting us. Don't forget to go check out the other blogs, Lindsay-ann, Lorrie and April to read up on Stella's travelling adventure.

I pray that you all are enjoying this new day of the year. May God continue to bless each of you in 2009!


Stacey said...

How cute!! Stella needs to come to Oklahoma!!

I think Gucci was not pleased!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Daphine
I was delighted to hear Stella had arrived in time for New Years Eve. She looks to have had a great time with you all. Thank you to Jae and Makenzie too for a really special time. Love your party hats girls. Gucci looks very surprised! I look forward to hearing more of how Stella is getting along in Texas. Have fun.
Happy New Year

Neabear said...

So much fun for Stella! What are you going to add to her? So far I see the buttons and the star heart. I am curious what you are going to come up with for Stella as an attached souvenir. I guess Stella better not share Gucci's bed anymore. Lol! Looking forward to more of her adventures.

Sandy Toes said...

How fun! It's like Flat Stanley!
-sandy toes

Heather said...

I'm glad you all had a great New Years! Stella looks like a lot of fun! She needs to come to Maryland :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, my friend! You may think it was a low key night, but it looks like you had a perfect and memorable celebration. Many blessing for you and your dear family in 2009! See you soon!


Edie said...

Well Stella sure looks like she's having a great time so far. I would love to show her around my neck of the woods after she visits you. ;)

Here is a chocolate fondue receipe that may help. I got it from here...

Chocolate Fondue Recipe
Print Options
Print (no photos)
Print (with photos)
12 ounces of dark chocolate (chips or roughly chopped if from a block)
8 ounces of heavy cream
A pinch of salt
Dippables such as strawberries, banana pieces cut into 1-inch chunks, dried appricots, candied ginger, apple pieces
1 Warm the cream over moderate heat until tiny bubbles show and begins to lightly and slowly boil. Add the chocolate and whisk until smooth and full incorporated.

2 Immediately transfer to a fondue pot heated at low or with a low flame, or serve straight from the pot.

3 Arrange the dippables on a platter or plates around the chocolate pot. Use a fondue fork, bamboo skewer, seafood fork, or salad fork to dip the fruit pieces and other dippables into the hot melted cream chocolate mixture. Eat immediately.

If the fondue begins to feel a little stiff, add a tablespoon of heavy cream and stir. It will help it go a little longer. Eventually, it will cook down though and you may need to start a new pot.


Add a tablespoon or two of Bailey's Irish Cream to the chocolate. Other liquors such as Grand Marnier, Amaretto, or Kirsch are equally yummy.

Add a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and ancho chili pepper for a nice Mexican Chocolate.

The contents of a vanilla pod or some vanilla extract are always a decadent touch to chocolate.

A good pinch of espresso powder can do wonders!

Orange zest or grapefruit zest is nice way to create a slightly fruity chocolate.

A few tablespoons of Torani flavoring syrups (the kind used for coffee or Italian sodas) can add a nice dimension of flavor as well.

White chocolate is always a nice change, and spiked with a little liquor or citrus zest becomes heavenly.

Steeping the cream for an hour beforehand and while heating it can add a nice subtle flavor, lemongrass for white chocolate or a bag of Earl Grey tea for dark chocolate are particularly stylish and contemporary.

Edie said...

... Happy New Year!

Alicia said...

Hi Daphine!! That is so funny about the stella doll!! I love how you included her in your post. Very cute!!

Oh..w/ the fondue..I could be wrong, but I think I heard you are supposed to mix a little bit of condensed milk with it???? New Year's was very relaxing! I say "my" because my hubby and two older kids went to church because there was a potluck, and night of worship! I decided to stay home w/ the three little ones because I do not like driving on New Year's Eve..especially w/ little kids! So, I rented movies, made cookies, and that's pretty much it!!!

I'm so glad to have met you, Daphine! I think you are so sweet and genuine!!!!


Jennifer said...

Now isn't this too cute?! I'm still laughing at the picture of Gucci---a d o r a b l e!

Oh my goodness--about the fondue....I attempted it a couple of years ago, just knowing it would be sooo much fun and delicious too, well long story...I ended up throwing out the fondue pot-chocolate and all. Once melted, it was like cement..I thought oh heck, I am not going to clean this I just chunked the whole pot.

April said...

Oh, that Stella is one lucky girl! She's going to get the red-carpet treatment, I'm sure of it. Looks like she really enjoyed ringing in the New Year with you and your family...awesome pictures!

Sorry your fondue machine didn't quite work out to your liking. I've never made it myself, so I'm of no help to you...sorry!

Enjoy your visit with Stella! Happy 2009!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, that is too fun!! haha. Looks like something we would enjoy, too. Looks like you had a great New Years Celebration :)

Oh, btw, you are so pretty!! Just thought I would tell ya that! hehe

Beth E. said...

Hmmm...I don't do fondue, so I can't be of any help with that.

So glad Stella is enjoying her visit with you. You'll have to let us know where she's headed next. :o)

Happy New Year!

Named Alicia said...

Too cute! I'm glad you guys had a good party, well except for the fondue. We didn't really do much celebrating this year other than telling each other "Happy New Year".

Take care my friend!

Rebekah said...

How fun! Happy New Year!!!

michele said...

Stella is going to love her time with you guys!! How funny, I was following the gal's blog who had her before you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daphine,

I am so glad that you guys had a fun New Year's Eve. I love all the cute hats that y'all were wearing. I hope that 2009 will joyous & prosperous for you and your family. I am looking forward to our continued friendship in this new year.

Stella is one lucky little thing. Getting to visit everyone. I hope she has a great time with you and I am looking forward to hearing all about her adventures!

He And Me + 3 said...

What a fun time for both your family and Stella. It is like Flat Stanley. One of my old students sent me Flat Stanely once. It was so fun taking him everywhere.
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Melissa said...

Too funny! :o)

Jennifer said...

Welcome Stella...looks like she is having fun already!! Sorry the fondue was a bust - I love that stuff!

Have a beautiful New Years...looking forward to keeping up with your blog in 2009!

Lorrie said...

Happy New Year's Day Daphine! I'm so glad that Stella has arrived safe and sound in time for New Year's Eve. It looks like she had a very fun evening. I love the photos with you, Jae and Mackenzie. The picture of Gucci is sooooo funny! Don't you wonder what he was thinking? He definitely didn't want to be disturbed!

I can't wait to see what else you have planned for Stella during her visit with you.

Denise said...

Stella looks very happy to me sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Stella... you are a busy girl and it's hard to keep up with you. Hope you are wearing some good tennis shoes with as fast as you are running around this country of ours. Nikes.... right??

The Blue Ridge Gal

Mod Girl said...

Methinks that Stella is an easy house guest!

Shayne said...

oops I posted to another blog when I ment to post here.

I think this is so cute and I hope I might get a chance to add to her in a few months after we move to Mexico.

k-marie said...

Just found your blog and must say.. you have a wonderful looking family.. Being a school teacher for 32 years I have to say I love children and must add your girls are lovely.

Thank for the peek into a lovely family..

Katie said...

What a cute idea!

Brandi said...

That is such a cute idea! I agree with Stacey, she needs to come to Oklahoma!

Darlene said...

It looks like you are showing Stella a great time! We hosted Flat Stanley before and he had a ball!!!!

Kim said...

That is so cool! Happy New Year to you and your family!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

LOL! Daphine, that picture of her in Gucci's bed is a scream! Better be careful with the remote, or Dirk might get a little testy! ;-)

Loved your party hats! You are just so beautiful! Hope your New Year is marvelous! Looks like you're off to a good start, and looks like Stella is, too!


Sheila :-)

Life with Kaishon said...

I wish I was Stella because I sure would love to visit you and your ADORABLE daughters, you awesome husband and your cute little Gucci : ).

I have seen lots of fondue gone bad. Gary hates fondue. One time I saved up and took him to this very cool fondue restaurant near us called The Melting Pot. He hated it so much. He couldn't get out of there fast enough. He said he didn't like working for his food : ). He is funny! If you come to Philadelphia I will take you there Daphine!

Lee said...

That reminds me of this thing we did in elementary school. Sent this little paper guy all over the world. Wound up in Paris and Russia. It was pretty nifty.
I'm glad you had a good New Years!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daphine. I popped in from Lorrie's. I wanted to see how Stella is doing. I'll bet she had a good time at your little party. Your girls are just beautiful. I'll be visiting you again if you don't mind to see what stella is doing with you and your family.


LaTonya Yvette said...

How cute! I love quiet visitors.

You have a beautiful family.

I'm visiting you from A Thorn Among Roses.

4 Lettre Words said...

Oh, I so LOVE that Rotel dip! We had it on Christmas Eve.

Great pics, and it looks like Stella had a wonderful time ringing in the new year with you and your family!

Lisa said...

Stella looked like she had great fun.

Kitty Scraps said...

Hi Daphine,
What a sweet New Year's Eve party you had with your family! I think small family parties are the bestest *smiles* And your picture of Gucci with Stella is TOO funny! Looks like Gucci is settling in nicely though, hope all is going well for you with him.

The chocolate fountains can be tricky, I bought one several years ago to use at a party and had to add quite a bit of vegetable oil to get the chocolate flowing as it should...after doing that I didn't want any part of the chocolate fountain! Ewww! LOL Good luck with your fondue pot, I've wanted one of those for a long time.

Debra said...

Happy New Year, Daphine. That Stella is having a great time, isn't she!

You two have a fun time!

linda said...

How fun is Stella! I'm sure you'll show her a great time in Texas!

I loved the picture of Stella and Gucci. The look on his face was so funny, it just cracked me up!

I'm glad to hear that your New Year's Eve was a nice one. We got together with friends which is always nice. Now we're all sick in our household. What a way to start of the new year huh!

Sherry said...

I'm playing catch up on Stella's adventures. I recently moved and had to wait to get reconnected to the internet.

My kids would totally think I was crazy if they heard me talk about Stella. Your girls look like they were having fun with her though. I can't wait to see more of Stella's trip to Texas!

A Stella Stalker