Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Randomness...

Well, since my last post was only a month ago, this one will be a bit random so I can share some highlights of what happened in September.

First of all, it is so hard to believe that it's already October!!! Thanksgiving is next month and then Christmas after that! Wait... you already knew that. lol!

So, what's been happening on my side of the world?

To be honest with you, this has not been the greatest year for me. Life is way too busy and there's just a lot of sadness around us involving many people that we care about. Not necessarily with my immediate family, other than the loss of both of our grandfathers earlier this year, but there's been some great sadness with other extended family members and with some very dear friends of ours. I can't go into details on here, but just wanted to share that it's just really been a tough year for me personally.

And the randomness continues...

Remember the trip (Europe) that Morgan signed up for last year to go on with her class for the spring break coming up in March? The trip where she had our blessing to go on if she raised ALL of her money for it? Well, during our last big fundraiser in September, she did it! She has officially raised every penny in order to go. Now she's working on raising her spending money. She'll be gone for nine days!!! We're really excited for her!!!

Some of you have asked how Morgan is doing with her job and with driving. She's doing very well with both. She works 3 days a week usually, one week night and on Saturday and Sunday (after church). She loves having her own money... we LOVE her having her own money. She recently got her own debit card. We have it set up to where she gets a text when her account gets below a certain amount. She came in the other day freaking out that she'd already reached that certain amount. Dirk and I were talking about how interesting it was that she has learned that it really does take a little while to make money and then after you have worked so hard to make the money, it goes sooooooooooooo fast. The fact that she gets a daily reminder of her balance in her account and especially when it drops to a certain amount will be a great thing for her to see. Yes, Morgan, buying donuts and a cup of coffee each day does take away from your money! lol!

We had lots of rain here in September. I thought about complaining more about all the rain we've had, but after after hearing and reading about all the rain and damage in Georgia, there's no comparison.

Jae, our youngest daughter, is doing well. She's at the age where there's not much drama just yet. Whew! Thank God! She signed up to play a lead part in our church's Christmas Program. Since she's a very shy girl in front of one new person, it will be interesting to see her acting in front of the ENTIRE church. lol!

Dirk is doing well. Tomorrow night, we are having dinner with our Bible study group and he made another buttermilk pie tonight. I think my last post mentioned that he was making me one. I will share the recipe with you later. It may be a month before I do, but I promise to share it. Anyhow, I plan on getting up in the morning before going to church and making my dessert. We signed up to bring two. I am making an Italian Cream Cake. Oh, by the way, I won 2nd place with this cake in a contest I entered at our church last month! YEP, it's that good!

I really didn't want this to be a long post, so I'll end with some photos of Morgan's Tea Party I spoke about last month.

Morgan and Jae with their cousins, Katrina and Patricia

Morgan and her cousin, Patricia are 12 days apart. The Tea Party was actually for both girls!

Morgan with her Nana K

It was a very sweet and happy time for Morgan. Thanks again, Nana K for having this!

Friends, I'll try to do better with blogging this month. I do miss you all a great deal!!!

Wow! It's now after 1am and I am still WIDE awake. Hmmmm... I guess I can read some some blogs for awhile.....

Until next time, be blessed friends!


Alicia said...'s so wonderful to read a post from you and just hear what is new with your family!!

Morgan sounds like she is turning out to be such a wonderful, mature young lady! Good for her for saving all that money!! Wow!! And I'm sure it makes her appreciate it that much more!!!

The tea party looks great! I love those things! They always make you feel so girly!

Sorry to hear that this year was not so great, my friend!!! I know it was so rough for so many people. Well, we know that God will work everything out for good, in His time and in His will!!

And those recipes!!! :)

Kitty Scraps said...

Dear Miz Daphine,
What a lovely update from you! Your girls are lovely and it's nice to hear about them. Morgan sounds like she is a responsible young lady and you only have to see her smiling face to imagine that she is just as sweet in person as she looks. I think you should be very proud of your family, you and your husband are doing a wonderful job raising your daughters to be great people.

I'm sorry you're having a rough year, I understand completely! I have felt that way myself and it's hard to keep the optimism going but I just tell myself that our Father knows what we all need and it's in His hands. I try not to worry which is difficult but just sharing your feelings can help lessen the burden because I'll bet quite a few of your readers have been feeling the same way *hugs* Have a wonderfully blessed week *smiles*

He & Me + 3 said...

So glad to hear from you! Sorry this has been such a tough year for you. Praying that the later part is better and that 2010 is a great year.
Morgan is beautiful. She also sounds like a responsible & mature teenager. Praying my girls are the same. Good for her realizing the value of a dollar. So that is where all my money is going (Coffee & Donuts) Tell Morgan I share her addiction:)
I love tea parties. Gorgeous picture of you all on the butterfly. You have a beautiful family!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I've been wondering where you were. Glad you're back and hope that the situations that are causing you stress will work themselves out soon. Love the party photos...your girls are so gorgeous and it's clear how special family is too all of you. I'm so excited about Morgan's Europe plans. She needs to start her own "adventures" blog when she gets back to tell us about all the fun she has.

Stacey said...

It's so good to hear from you Daphine. :)

I hate that you all have had a rough year. Sometimes it is just like that isn't it. We have to have faith and carry on. I'll be thinking about ya.

Your girls seem to be doing so well. That's such a blessing. Loved the birthday pictures.

Now don't stay gone a month if you can help it.

Jill said...

Good to hear from you again! The pics are wonderful - you look as young as Morgan! I sincerely hope that things will get better for you.

Robyn said...

Daphine....It's so good to read a Post from you and hear what is going on with you and your family. I pray that the rest of this year and all of next is better for you.
I Love all the pictures you have shared with us, you have such a beautiful family!

Heather said...

yay you're back! well at least for one post so far, lol. the girls look gorgeous as usual. love that photo of the 3 of you on the butterfly bench. very cool! sure have missed you friend!

licia31 said...

Love your posts!!! Always.

I'm praying for you & your family. Sorry the year has been a difficult one. May God continue to give you strength & also, provide you with good times along the way.

Thanks for sharing!!

Melissa Miller said...

Hey Daphine!
It was sooo good to hear from you today. I'm sorry it's been so busy and the sad times that were around you this year. I will pray for you and yours.

What gorgeous photos of the girls! The buttterfly bench picture is stunning! Once again I must share with you how beautiful your two daughters are. Little lady supermodels I tell ya. *Smiles*

Many Blessings and Happy Fall!
~Warmly, Melissa :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

So good to hear from you and what precious pictures! I'm so proud of Morgan and what she is doing with her life. And girl, I want those recipes... though I'm off sugar right now. Sending you big hugs...


Sheila :-)

Laura said...

Daphine, you'll have to share your Italian Cream Cake recipe!!! It sounde delicious. Yumm.

YOur pictures are beautiful! I love that butterfly bench you all are sitting on. So cute!

Kristin said... and your girls are just some of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen! I love that butterfly bench neat! You look more like their sister!

I enjoyed reading about what you've been up to.....I'm sorry to hear about this being a difficult year for you. I hope that everything will start looking up for you and I will keep you in my prayers.

Now, I'm seriously hungry after reading about your yummy desserts!!

Love ya Daphine and I miss you when you're not around! Oh, and yay for Morgan and her trip! I bet that will be so much fun!!!!

Darlene said...

Sorry Daphine that you have had a rough year. I'll pray that it gets better for you.

Love the pictures of the girls and hear that Morgan is doing so well with her job and her driving. Yep, you definitely spend money faster than you make I bet she is going to have a blast on her trip to fun!

I hope you get to take some pictures of Jae in the Christmas program. I'm sure she will do just fine.

Glad to hear from you my friend.♥

Denise said...

So nice to hear from you, thanks for the update.

Beth E. said...

Oh, I've missed you sooo much! It's great to hear from you. I love the pics. My goodness, you have a beautiful family! I especially like the pics of you and the girls.

Our youngest, Bo, is learning some hard lessons about money. We move a certain amount of money into his checking account each month. It's not a whole lot, but more than enough to last him. (He earned this money when he worked this past summer. We have it in a custodial savings account.) Anyway, last month he used all of his money in two weeks. You should have seen him running around, looking for some extra jobs to get some cash to tide him over! lol He is tutoring Spanish now, so that will give him a little extra money.

I'm looking forward to seeing your recipes...they sounds delicious!

Have a wonderful week...don't wait a whole month before we hear from you again!

Oh, and one more thing...I'm praying for you and your family. :-)


Anonymous said...


Yay! I always get excited when I see you in my google reader! I love to see what's been up with you and your family.

I am sorry to hear there has been some sadness around you. I am praying things get better for you! Also hoping things settle down a little for you!

Morgan is so beautiful! What an awesome tea party! She is going to love that trip! I know you are so proud of her earning her own way. Please tell Morgan that we all want to see pictures from her trip when she goes!

I am sure that Jae will do wonderful in the Christmas program despite her shyness!

Life with Kaishon said...

I loved reading this : ) The girls are so beautiful! And I love to hear how Morgan is growing into such a responsible young lady : )! I love Nana K! What a fun thing to do for her girls! LOVE THAT! I am glad Jae is not bringing home drama yet. Drama can be so stressful! I am sorry for the loss of loved ones all around you. I know that can be very disheartening.

michele said...

Fun shots! You and your girls are beautiful!!
Oh that is sooo cool that Jae will be in your Christmas Drama there! That will be so fun to see!
It sounds like Morgan is doing well. I think it is very cool that she is earning her own money and learning a lot about spending and how fast money goes. This was a good update -- I enjoyed "catching up" with you!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Daphine
It was great to see a post from you and catch up with all your news. Sorry that this year has been hard for you. Sending you a big hug.
I was surprised to hear you have had lots of rain. The worlds weather is going mad! We had no rain in September, yes no rain!! No rain in England, can you beleive that? Everything is looking very brown and dry and unfamiliar!
I loved seeing Morgan's tea party pictures. They were all beautiful especially the one with you and both your girls.
I miss your blog posts and I am struggling to find time for mine also. It was lovely to hear from you. Keep in touch.

MOMSWEB said...

Glad I dropped by today and thanks for the update. The tea party looked like alot of fun. You just don't see too many of these nowadays.

Lorrie said...

Hi Daphine it's great to get caught up with what's happening in your life girl!

So glad Morgan's job is going well and that she has earned the money for her trip--Way to go Girl!

The pictures of the tea party are super--such a fun time for the girls!

Sandy Toes said...

Looks like a wonderful tea party. I have a picture of my daughter sitting in that exact butterfly chair at a park!! So cute and pretty your girls are!

sandy toe

April said...

I've missed you so much! Trust me, I completely understand how crazy life can become...mine's the same way! I spend half my time filling out college and scholarship applications online. I'm still in denial about Brittany going off to college! Just you goes by so very fast!

Sorry that you have a lot of difficult situations to deal with and I pray that you'll get some resolution soon.

Good for Morgan in doing so well with saving her money! She definitely has her head on straight...thanks to two amazing parents who are guiding her! Her tea party looks like such fun! Good for Jae, too, for taking on a lead role in your church's Christmas program...I'm sure she'll do GREAT!

Take good care, Daphine, and know that I think of you often! Have a wonderful Tuesday and rest of the week!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

It's so good to hear from you!!! I have missed you!!!

Love the pics. You have such a beautiful family. Glad to know everyone is doing well. That is funny about Morgan and her bank account. It does go way toooo fast, doesn't it?

Take care my friend!
Hope your week is off to a great start!

Speaking from the Heart said...


It's so good to get an update on you and your family. I agree with Alicia, Morgan has turned out to be such a wonderful young lady. Thanks to her awesome parents, because an apple doesn't fall far from the tree, kids live by their parents' example, etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you again next month or sooner.

LisaShaw said...

Sugar, I've been praying for you and your family and I am glad to hear an update and to see all of your beautiful smiling faces!

I love you and pray a beautiful year end and a favored 2010 for all of you in Jesus Name.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

A nice little update... I can tell that your life is full and blessed, even in the midst of a hard year. Blessing to all of you.

Toia said...

Thank for this post. I was able to catch up on all the excitement you have going on. I am glad to hear your family os doing great.

I will also pray for your other friends and family that you have shared deep concern about in the beginning of your post.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings to you and your family always.

Nishant said...

sounds like she is turning out to be such a wonderful, mature young lady! Good for her for saving all that money!! Wow!! And I'm sure it makes her appreciate it that much more!!!

Work From Home

Divamom said...

Hey lady! I had missed your last post and thought about you the other day. I started panicking,and trying to remember the name of your blog (your name is the same as my pastor's wife's middle name, so that's easy!). Then, as usual, somebody or something distracted me and I forgot to check it until today! So, all of that to say, "Yay!! You're back!!!!"

I loved Morgan's tea party! Today is my daughter's 17th birthday, so I might go by and pick up a tiara for her too!

Be Blessed!

Lorrie said...

Hi Daphine thanks so much for your sweet comments on my post. I miss you girl, but I know that life at home and work is just plain busy and that's where your time and energy needs to go. Hope this upcoming week is a good one for you!

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