Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day One of Vacation

I love burgers! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone loves burgers! But, for me, it’s more than that. I don’t like just any burger though. I like to think of myself as a burger gourmet. But I’m not looking for a fancy, gimmicky burger. If I am going to eat a burger out, I like ‘em very greasy. I know…sounds terrible, huh? Anyhow, the night that we checked into the resort, I asked Shea, who checked us in, where to find a good burger place. We went to this place called, “Blue Water Grill.” Just walking in, I knew that this place made good burgers. So, I ordered a cheeseburger. Dirk ordered a Bypass, a cheeseburger with an egg and bacon on top of the meat and lots of mayo. I know…sounds disgusting, huh? The girls just wanted a pizza. I tell you, this was the greasiest, most flavorful burger that I had ever eaten at a restaurant. It was delicious!

BTW – If you know of a good place to eat a good, homemade, greasy burger in Dallas, please let me know.

Later on, we went to the beach. Our little one, Jae has never been to the beach, so she was not too sure about all of this. Once we convinced her that she would really like it, she took off her shoes and started walking into the water with me. As the waves started coming to us, she held my hand with a death grip. She completely froze and wanted to get out and sit on the mat. So, I got out with her and, as we were sitting on the mat, she saw another mother taking her baby out into the water. For a moment, I could read Jae’s mind. “If a baby is going out there, it should be okay for me.” A few minutes later, she asked me to take her back out. This time she still held my hand very tightly, but her body was a little more relaxed. Morgan and Dirk were sitting in the water trying to find the “coolest” seashells. Jae saw how much fun they were having and finally sat down to join them. I was not actually ready to sit down and be drenched in sandy, muddy salt water, but knew that I needed to make a point showing my kiddos that I’m still a cool mom. We were having a blast. Jae got completely used to the water and the big waves. After a while, daddy even convinced her to go further out with him and Morgan for the deeper waves. Sorry…that’s where I drew my line of being a cool mom. I was not interested in dancing with the waves. I headed back to our mat to dry off and take some pictures. The wind was blowing just enough for it to be a perfect day at the beach. We stayed there for hours.

As we were packing up to leave the beach, Jae kept asking if we would come back another day. For a little girl who wasn’t interested at all until she found herself having so much fun, she would, of course, be the one to want to stay longer or come back again very soon. Wouldn’t you know it though?

PS – I forgot to bring the right camera cord to transfer the pictures to my computer. So I will have to post pictures of each day when I get back. I know…I am so retarded!


Tracie said...

The kids and I have never been to the beach.. I would probably be a little like Jae.

Jessica & Matt said...

Girl. I love Jae - she's such a sweetie. So I'm glad you are staying for a while, so she'll get plenty of beach time in!