Monday, June 23, 2008

I Am So Done with Zinnias!

For those of you who are not familiar with the name, this is a type of flower.

I planted these flowers a few years ago in my front yard. They were awesome! They had a beautiful bright bloom the entire summer that year. They grew like out of control. At the time, I thought they were the most beautiful flowers to have in a front yard.

I planted them again the following year. They changed to this pale, dull, ugly, embarrassing color and then rejected the fertilizer that I gave them in attempt to help them spring back. Yes, that would mean that they died!

Okay, it’s been a few years since my last planting of zinnias. So for this year, I thought I would try them again. A friend and I went to the nursery and hand picked each one of them. They were absolutely beautiful! I purchased about a hundred of them to put out in my front yard. They bloomed beautifully for several weeks. Their color was so bright and vibrant. One of my neighbors asked if they were fake.

Then slowly they starting fading and losing their bloom. I went out and tried cutting the dead part of the flowers off. I fertilized them. Yep, you guess it. They died!

I considered for a split second not to replant any more flowers for this summer. However, after seeing how dull my flower garden looked, I couldn’t help but to run down to Home Depot to grab whatever looked good.

I purchased a hundred and twenty hot pink and white vincas. This is not one of my favorite flowers, but they were the only flowers blooming that looked half-way decent this time of year at Home Depot.

I was dragging my feet the whole afternoon in planting them. I can get my husband to do just about anything. But, planting flowers is not one of them. After the flowers sat in the back of our van for over an hour, I finally made myself get out and get to replanting. I kept running inside and outside. I would plant about 10-15 flowers and then run inside to sit down for a while. I am normally not like this when it comes to working in my flower garden. It is something that I look forward to. I just look forward to doing it when the temperature is about 75-80 degrees outside, as opposed to 90-100.

It took my about four hours, but I managed to get ALL the vincas planted and they look great!

No more zinnias for us!

BTW – Time for an unpaid advertisement for Home Depot. Had we bought the zinnias at Home Depot we could have taken them back for a full refund. Did you know that HD offers a one-year refund policy on all of their plants and trees? So many people don’t have any idea. Just bring the dead plants back to the store with the receipt and get a refund on the spot – no questions asked. So not only are we done with zinnas, but we are done with buying high priced flowers at nurseries, too.

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