Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Teeny Tiny Body...Great Big Heart

Tonight our two girls were arguing over who would get to use the computer in Daddy’s office. There are three computers in the house, but they have to argue over this one. I didn’t get it.

Unfortunately for Morgan, Jaelyn asked if she could use it first. It didn’t make Morgan happy that she would have to use another computer other than Dad’s office. So for a little while they were both very upset with each other.

Jaelyn goes to Morgan after about thirty minutes. “You can use Dad’s computer, Morgan.” Morgan took her up on the offer.

Dad later asked Jaelyn why she had let Morgan have his computer since she had asked first. She said without hesitating, “Morgan hasn’t been on the computer all day and I was able to play my game earlier. She can do her MySpace and talk to her friends, I can use your computer tomorrow.”

What a big heart Jaelyn has! Not many seven year olds would care or think about this. But, then again…Jaelyn is not like most seven-year olds.


Jennifer Raack said...

Awww, how sweet! Sounds like God has given her a caring heart!

Anonymous said...

How sweet of Jae! She is a great little sister.


Anonymous said...

I like to hear how sweet Jae and Morgan are.


Tracie said...

She is such an amazing little girl... Mikyla misses her...

Jessica & Matt said...

She is a sweetheart, and a smartie! btw--I can't keep up with all your blogging! I need to get on the stick! I still have to read the flower one!!