Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Before I start…let me apologize to all of my friends who have and love their MySpace page.

Okay, I have a MySpace page, but I hardly ever use it. Our only reason for me getting one in the first place was to be able to view what Morgan is up to. However, I must admit that a handful of my classmates have been able to reach me through MySpace. So, for that much, it’s been great. Other than that, I don’t like MySpace.

So, what’s on my mind?

Tonight I logged onto MySpace and found that I had received an email from this man. Yes, a man and he was not an old classmate. As I began reading his email I called Dirk in the room and started re-reading it to him.

See for yourself;

“Good afternoon Queen, my name is DeJuan. I'm just passing through to say hello and I must let you know how much I appreciated your profile. Now, just by looking at you the whole entire world know's that you're a very-very beautiful woman and you come (2-2-0). Which means, second to none, if you were wondering..

The appreciation that I speak of are the words/chioce of words that's upon your profile page. I can honestly say that most of the time I do not get pass a profiles name. But in your case, I enjoyed every single word and i'm in-need of more education about you. That's if you have a little room in your circle for a complete gentleman, that you'd accept me as your friend. Once I qualify of-course. And YES, I am aware of your status as a married woman. That's also why my approach is one asking for a friendship and not dinner and a movie. On-line is fine with me beautiful. At this time in my life, my time is not my own..LOL”


“My husband and I enjoyed your message. It was very nice and we appreciate your offer, but we must decline at this time.” We’re being sarcastic of course!

I didn’t want to respond at all, but at the same time, we wanted to let him know that even an “on-line friendship” (as he states it) with a man that I don’t even know is not welcomed and will not be entertained at all.

The nerve of this guy! Okay, I must also admit that I was a little freaked out by this too.
I started telling Dirk that I wanted to delete my photos from MySpace and then I started thinking about my BlogSpot page. I started saying that maybe I should take out my last name so weirdos like this don’t have too much information about me. Yes, my mind was racing with all these thoughts. Dirk listened to me go on and on for about three minutes and then said, “Daphine, it’s not like this guy is coming after you or something.” My instant resply was, “Well, our response to him could tick him off and he might come after me.” I’m telling you, people are freaks and if they are offended in the slightest bit, they will come at you. Okay friends, I do realize that I am going wayyyy too far with my thinking about this.

I just hope he doesn’t have the nerve to email me back!


Jennifer Raack said...

I have had similar myspace messages from two different men and, get this, one woman! I always press the decline button and move on. I think there are men out there who send these notes out like spam....they can send the same note out to alot of women trying to get to that one woman who will be a sucker for it! It's disgusting, but I doubt you have to worry about this man coming after you........he probably sent the same note to a thousand girls trying to get to the one that will be ignorant enough to go along with it.

I've never tried responding to one of them though so I must admit that I am curious to hear if he responds back.

Tracie said...

We all get these messages. There are a lot of weirdos. You can however stop them by making your page so that only people who you add can even send you a message. I dont want people I dont know sending me anything. You can also do that to Morgans page to keep them from emailing her.
They now have it where if they dont know her last name they cant send her even a request to add them. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...


That will freakme out.

I won't be answering back to that man.


sarah said...

I think you are smart to be very careful and not give particulars in information. I have heard of men finding out where you live by the info. they collect over time. In this day you can "never" be too careful! There was an undercover agent policing myspace... and he was able to find out where a teenager lived by the info. he collect by talking to her thru myspace. She didn't even realize that she had given enough info. for him to find her. I don't know how blogs work, don't know how secure they are..... you might want to check into it though - Love ya, Sarah

April said...

Hi Daphine!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and glad you enjoyed it! I'm still trying to find my way around things, but I'm getting there, little by little. How did you find out about my blog? Just curious. I don't yet know the secret for getting more readers to view it. Any suggestions?

You have a beautiful family! Take care and come back and visit me anytime!