Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

So, today was the big day of another school year!

As I was helping the girls get ready last night, both of them kept saying over and over, "Mom, tomorrow is the first day of school!" As if I wasn't aware of this already. They were really excited about starting back today. I was enjoying their excitement as I knew that after the first six weeks ended, they wouldn't be as excited as they were last night.

Fast forward to today...

The girls were eager to wake up and put on a new outfit. They looked adorable! Morgan so dislikes when I use this word (adorable). In fact, she has requested that I never say this word in front of her friends because it sounds old lady like????

Anyhow, they really did look hip. LOL

I mentioned to them that I would be taking them to school on the first day. Well, I take Jae (the youngest) everyday. Morgan normally rides the bus.

Being that Jae's school is only two minutes from our home and also the fact that Jae still operates by my was a piece of cake taking her to school. I even got there before the long lines started. It was such a blessing to me to see all the kiddos walking in and being so happy to be there. Well, not exactly all the kiddos. I saw a few tears from parents and their kindergarteners. Anyhow, Jae was ready to get to her classroom to see where she would be sitting and if she would be sitting by anyone she knew. Before she found her desk, one of her friends from last year walked in and I was then forgotten about. I kneeled down to give her a kiss and to tell her to have a good day, she said, "Okay Mom." Meaning, "You can go now." As I was walking out the door to get in the car and come back home to pick up Morgan, I was reminded that it was also 2nd grade when Morgan no longer wanted to openly give me a kiss goodbye at school either (and especially in front of her little friends). It was really okay, though. This is part of what we must endure, right?

I took several pics of Jaelyn this morning and couldn't decide which one to share. So, I posted my two favorite ones.

Yep, she's going toothless at her age right now! I still thought this was a good picture though.

Jae is sitting at her desk for the first time!

I must admit that getting Morgan out the door was a little more complicated. The fact that she took a thirty minutes shower put her and me wayyyyyyyyy behind. She was not even close to being ready by the time I made it back home from taking Jae. I didn't want to get upset with her on the first day so I pretty much bit my tongue.

My next sentence is not a joke. During the course of trying to get Morgan to school, we had to turn around three times (before getting to her school) because she had forgotten different things. Had I not thought they all three times were important, I wouldn't have done it. Anyhow, we finally got her to school and because I was not allowed in her school, I took several pictures of her outside the building (in the back of the building that is)., I'll be honest. The back of the building is the only place we are allowed to drop them off at this year.

I too remember being her age and how EVERYTHING had to be in "perfect" order.

Anyhow, here's a picture of Morgan on her first day back to school (in the back of the building).

...and here's a picture that I was allowed to take with her in our front yard.

All in all, they both had a great first day!


April said...

Your daughters are so pretty...I know you're very proud of them, and rightly so. Isn't it funny (and sad!) that the older they become, the less they want to be seen with us? My girls are that way too, sometimes. I remember being that way with my mom. I don't think they need us any less; they're just trying to become more independent. I often wonder if it's God's way of preparing our hearts to let go one day. Oh, how will we ever survive? :(

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! It sounds like even despite delays everyone's day was filled with blessings. I love the pictures and am proud of Morgan for letting you take a picture with her. I know from experience those are rare...and in the front yard no less. Wow!

At the beginning of Steph's junior year I had to go help her get her schedule all worked out...they had messed it up pretty royally. Anyway, when we were finally done she was walking me to my car and in the hallway at school she looked all around to make sure no one was watching and she gave me a kiss and said I love you. And even while visiting her at college last Friday, we weren't allowed to walk around campus together. We could ride in the car, but no one could see us out walking together. Kids are so funny. I made fun of her and said, we can't be seen together because no one here has parents? So sad, a univeristy full of orphans. She got my point and even gave me a hug when we left...OUTSIDE IN THE PARKING LOT WHERE PEOPLE COULD ACTUALLY SEE HER!!!

So just like we were when we were all kids, no one wants to be seen with their parents, but we couldn't have made it without them either. Have a fantastic school year!

Anonymous said...

They look so cute. Morgan is so pretty and Jae is soooo cute with no teeth...ha ha ha...

My day was about the same. My son, which is in the 1st grade now, does not like mom to kiss him goodbye anymore either. My daughter, which is in the 5th grade, does not like me to walk her into her classroom.

I'm so glad they had a wonderful first day of school. My kids did too.

Anonymous said...

Jae and Morgan look so pretty and happy.
Morgan doen't look like little kid anymore.
Jae doen's have a baby face anymore.

Katie said...

Jae and Morgan are growing up to be very beautiful young women. You should be proud that you have raised two confident headstrong ladies.



Jennifer Raack said...

I'm surprised you could get Morgan to let you take a pic outside of the boys would have rather died! She looks beautiful, as always.

Jae is absolutely adorable (notice the old lady word)! You'd never know she was adopted because she looks so much like you and Morgan!

Jessica & Matt said...

So cute! They both look so cute!