Monday, August 4, 2008

This Really Irks Me!

So the new Miley Cyrus movie recently released on the Disney Channel.

My little Jae was very anxious and reminded us quite often for 2 weeks not to forget to buy the 3D glasses.

Okay, so you had to purchase a magazine that has the 3D glasses in it!

My first issue was that I had no idea which magazine had them. Soooooooooo, I started looking in every teen magazine that was on the shelf. Unfortunately, I was getting more irritated by the minute. My second issue....there were about 8-10 magazines that had Miley Cyrus on the front cover, but none of them had the 3D glasses inside.

After about 20 mintues of re-looking at what I'd already looked at, I decided that I would go ask for some assistance. As I was approaching a store clerk, there was another parent walking away who overheard me asking about the Miley Cyrus 3D glasses. She answered for the store clerk and asked me to follow her.

Okay, so the 3D glasses.....They were inside the TV Guide. Go figure!

Anyhow, I grabbed one of the TV Guides and made the comment that it was ridiculous for me to buy this silly magazine that I would not use in order to get the 3D glasses.

So, here's what irked me.....
The other mom that I had followed (who also had her teenage daughter with her) overheard me talking to myself and asked, "Who said that we had to pay for them? I just plan on tearing them out of the back of the TV Guide."

I guess the look on my face was obvious before the words came out of my mouth. I said, "Well, being that the glasses are inside of the book, Wal-mart says that we have to buy them."
She said, "Yeah, you're right. I wouldn't feel right in just taking them." Okay, so we all know that she was totally okay with stealing the glassses from the store if I hadn't opened my big mouth.

I am not a perfect parent by any means, but why would a parent think that it would be okay to steal a pair of silly glasses and especially in front of their child? I just didn't get this.

Let me also say that I was a bit peeved to have to spend $4.00 on a TV Guide that I wasn't going to use, but the thought never crossed my mind to rip the glasses out of the back and leave the used TV Guide on the magazine shelf either!

What gives???


Jennifer Raack said...

I'm speechless! How could she even think that was okay?! That is exactly why people like us have to actually check the magazine to make sure the glasses are still there before we buy it.

People are just crazy!

Jessica & Matt said...

OOOOHHHHH. No kidding! Wouldn't you hate to be the person who got home with their TV Guide with no glasses! But then again, most people who buy that magazine prolly are grandparents or something and don't care about the glasses.

I'm always amazed at how parents act like total brats in public, with their kids... I just think about how their kids think that behavior is totally normal.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I hate to tell you this now, but you could have actually gotten the glasses for free...without stealing them. They were giving them away at Wal Mart at the registers a few weeks before the show. I got 4 pair. Sorry. Had I known I would have gotten you some too. The woman at the register just handed them to me. I didn't have to buy a magazine and I didn't have to steal them.

Okay, I know that doesn't really help now, but in the future let's all put our heads together and plan for "events" like that.

And as for that mom, Lord help her and her family. That is insane. I don't understand so many parents today. It's kind of like I was venting to you at church yesterday about people not taking responsibility for their own actions and choices. I can just see this woman's daughter getting cuaght by the police stealing something from a store and the mom will be completely puzzled why her daughter would act in such a way. I'm just sure of it.

We live in a world of greed and corruption. I'm just glad this isn't Home.

Jennifer E