Friday, September 19, 2008

And Our Decision Wassssssssssssssssssssssssss...

If you don't have a teenager, or perhaps don't remember being one, this whole post may totally confuse you...

Meaning, things change like the drop of a hat! This time the change of plans worked in our favor.

Sooooooooo, our decision was to let Morgan go to Heather's house after her school photo assignment tonight.

And guess what? ALL THE PLANS TOTALLY CHANGED!!!!! I know, totally crazy,huh?

Morgan no longer wanted to go to Heather's house. Apparently, Heather changed it to be a sleepover with a few other girls as well. Morgan on the other hand, wanted it to be just the two of them. She said that she was also afraid that the other girls would want to go out driving around and she didn't want to be the only one who couldn't go if it came to that.

I tell ya friends, I think this was a pretty wise decision she made (all on her own).

Whew! And as usual, I stressed for nothing.

Thank you ALL for your input on this!


Jessica & Matt said...

Yay for Morgan! She totally confirmed that you made the right decision by her own mature/intelligent decision. She's such a good kid. How many other kids would just go, and if it came to riding around, would have just done it, and not told their parents. I am definitely going to have to get some parenting tips from you!

Anonymous said...

My niece is so mature!! I knew she would make the right decision. I agree with Jessica: many other kids would have just gone joy riding.

She is going to be a great example for Jae and Mackenzie.

I will be in Royse City today; I am going to spend the night. Bill is out of town, so hit me up on my cell if you need me.
I am so proud of Morgan!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for helping Morgan make the right choice. And thank you, Lord, for helping Daphine and Dirk make a really hard decision for their daughter as well. We praise you that everything turned out best for usual. Amen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving that very encouraging comment. Luckily, everything worked out beautifully with my husbands job. He will work one less day a week and make the same money. God was definitely on our side and answered our prayers. I must tell you that your children are absolutely beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Well, you have just met another person that's fav is PF Changs. When ours was first built I insisted on going there every single weekend. We have eaten at the Cheesecake Factory a lot but unfortunately Durham is the closest and that is an hour and 15 minute drive. My favorite meal there is the shrimp angel hair pasta. I am a big shrimp eater. I also like the meatloaf and the club when I am in the mood for a sandwich. Hope your meeting goes well! Oh and don't forget to get a piece of cheesecake!

April said...

Well, things seemed to have worked out just great, huh? I knew all would be well, one way or another. Sounds like you've done an excellent job of raising Morgan. She has a very good head on her shoulders. Way to go Morgan...and Mom, of course! :)

Thanks, by the way, for all the sweet comments about Brittany. I really do appreicate it! Yesterday was so exciting with her finally reaching her goal in cross country!! Woo Hoo!! Oh, and they ended up going to a nice local restaurant called The Fieldhouse. Good food and atmosphere, and very reasonable. I think everyone was happy with the choice.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and Dirk.
Some times is just difficult situations with kids, that help us to grow together.

Good job Morgan!!

Tracie said...

Morgan made a right decision without ya mom. She new she wasnt going to be aloud to do some of the things the others might want her to do so insteed of being in that position she said two are raising a smart daughter!!

Anonymous said...

I am proud of Morgan too. I am very proud of her parents. I know it was hard to make the decision to let her go. But, I always tell you Morgan is mature and a very good girl.