Sunday, September 28, 2008

Menopause ~ The Musical

A friend and I went to see "Menopause, The Musical" last night. It was one of the funniest musicals I have ever been to. One of my neighbors mentioned to me earlier in the week that she had gone to see it. At the time, I'd never even heard of it.

After hearing how much fun my neighbor had going to this, I checked into it. By the time I called the next morning, they had seven tickets left before being sold out at every show. I snatched a couple of them quick.

I have since learned that the musical has been in 200 cities and is now traveling again. Friends, you gotta see this. It is absolutely hilarious! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time and it was worth every penny!

Okay, so what that I'm (you're) not going through the change yet! If you find out that's it's coming to your city, try and go see it.

I've also attached a video clip to sum it up better than I can even begin from the lady who wrote it and also the audience speaking about it.

It is not a "dirty" show, but it is oriented towards adults and it has one scene with adult matter.

I promise you won't be disappointed!


Anonymous said...

That sounds so funny! I checked for tickets and unfortunately it's not coming to our area. I thought it might be fun to take a girlfriend. I have never been to a play. I mean there were the ones the schools would bring in. I have not been to a Broadway or off Broadway play. I know that I am probably missing out. I am glad that you had so much fun!

Angela said...

This looks like a good show. I was put into surgical menopause a year ago so I know all about it.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am now a follower of yours! :-)

Scrapper Mom said...

Hi there. I am so glad you stopped by. I always enjoy having new visitors...especially ones that comment. lol.

I hope you enjoyed yourself enough to come back. I'll come see you too!

Wendy said...

Hi There!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Was really lovely of you to leave a comment about my messy living room :-) hee hee! I'm pretty OCD about stuff and HATE things to be messy, BUT a year or two back my Mum had a quiet word and told me I needed to let Ryan "Just be a child" and relax a little, its made him a lot more relaxed and actually we have much more fun!
( Although I do have baby wipes on standy 24/7!!) It does drive me mad though & I can't pretend I'm not releived at clear up time!!
Hope you'll check me out again, I've put in as a "follower" of yours, you are truley beautiful and so are your family.
Yours in Friendship
Wendy ( Liverpool)

April said...

I've seen this show advertised in our local newspaper for quite some time and thought it sounded funny. I'm glad to finally hear from someone who's actually seen it and recommends it. If it comes back, again, I'll have to go, for sure. I'm a sucker for any kind of theater production...especially something that makes me laugh!

meryl's musings said...

Found your blog via Lily's Pad - this musical sounds great. Too many things to identify with!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got to go and have a great time. I have heard the show is hysterical. I'll have to try to catch it next time it's around.