Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Journalist In the Making

Morgan was chosen as the newspaper/magazine photographer and assistant photo editor for her school this year.

She has been very excited about landing this new position.

In fact, she had her first assignment at last night's football game. She was soooooo nervous. She must have said at least twenty times, "I hope I get good pictures." Dirk and I had not planned on staying for the game. We were just going to drop her off and go back home. While driving there it was almost like the Lord pricked my heart that we needed to stay and give her moral support. So, we stayed and were very glad that we did.

Morgan hates when I use this word...but, she looked adorable!

She had all this camera equipment on her back and around her neck. She was wearing her little press pass (that gets her in for free). Getting in free will be a plus since she will be attending a lot of different games this year!

It was very exciting to watch Morgan out on the field taking pictures. She looked like a little pro.

She ended up taking rouhgly 400 pictures. I asked her to let me post some of her favorites that she will be submitting to the school newspaper/magazine.

Okay, I have no idea who any of these players are. Just enjoy the shots.

Didn't she do an AWESOME job on her first assignment?

We're so proud of her.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Morgan! Are you going to be available at Christmas time (LOL). I am so proud of you. Your school chose an excellent person. Don't forget your aunt Vickie when you become rich and famous. I miss you!!
Blessings & Smiles,
Ms. Vickie G

Anonymous said...

Wow! She is really good. I mean really good. And I'm not just saying that. Some of those are as good if not better than what you see in the Dallas Morning News. I am so impressed. I do also have to tell you that I was the editor of the Allen High School newspaper my senior year. I was also the editor of the yearbook both my junior and senior years. I absolutely loved the journalism classes. Tell her to keep up the good work.

April said...

I am so impressed with Morgan's abilities as a photographer! She did a fantastic job! She really has a good eye for getting the right shot. Definitely a lot of talent there. I was the editor of my school newspaper when I was a junior and I loved it! Tell her great job!! :)

Jennifer Raack said...

Great job Morgan...very impressive!! I love the one with the coach's arm around the player!

By the way Daphine, sorry I haven't sent you that email yet. It has been extremely busy around here lately and I have been completely neglecting my computer. I don't think I have had a free moment since school started! My cell # is 214-991-0029....of course, I am at work usually until 3:30 or 4:00pm so I won't be able to talk before then.

Hope all is going well!

Anonymous said...

The pictures were great!! Morgan, took some wonderful pictures. I know that you'll are proud of her.
She has such a great eye.


Anonymous said...

Morgan did such a good job on her first assignment. She will need to come over my house and take some pictures of me.