Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Words of Wisdom From a 7-Year Old

I know that some of you really get a kick out of me sharing about Jae’s conversations with us. She is truly unique and one of a kind when it comes to the mind of a 7-year old.

As we were getting ready for school yesterday, I asked her if she wanted cereal or oatmeal for breakfast.

She asked, “Mom, did you buy any Pop Tarts when you were at the store?”

“Nope, I did look for them, but Target didn’t have any. So I picked up oatmeal instead.” I said to her.

“Mom, was the oatmeal on sale?”

I had no idea what her little mind was getting at by asking the question.

“Yes, the oatmeal was on sale Jae, why do you ask?” I said.

“Mom, why do you ALWAYS buy things that are on sale?” she asked.

After she asked this, I knew that she was remembering past conversations that I had with Morgan. As Morgan finally figured out that if I can’t get something on sale…we’re not buying it.

Anyhow, I laughed when she asked this, but proceeded with…
“Jae, we buy things on sale to save more money.”

Her exact words…“Mom, then why don’t you just shop at Wal-Mart for everything? Everything is on sale at Wal-Mart. ‘Save money, live better’ is what the commercial says.”

I would have never guessed that she would say something like this.

Jae is so smart and we often have some pretty unusual conversations with her, but she continues to catch us off guard by some of the things her little mind comes up with.

Cute, huh?


Jennifer Raack said...

How funny! You just never know what part of a commercial is going to stick in their little minds!

April said...

That is so adorable! Actually, she made a pretty valid point about Wal-Mart. Kids sure keep you on your toes, don't they?

Anonymous said...

I knew I liked that kid! I'm such a Wal Mart shopper myself. Anyway, when they start asking questions, you know it's going somewhere...the fun is discovering where. And I love just how matter of fact she presented her case. Smart girl!

Anonymous said...

Yes, too cute!!! My Jessica, age 6, told me recently that she had a 'crunch on Trevor.'....I asked what a 'crunch' was and she replied, 'You know, Mom! Like it is when you have crunches on big men!' Melanie

Anonymous said...

There you go Daphine!
I think that was a good advise.
She is so smart!
Jae is like her Mom, I called her Daphinita.
When my daughter was 7 years old, I used to called her Brendita, like me.


Anonymous said...

Jae, is very smart. I can't believe that she would remember a commercial and even notice that you always buy things on sale.

I love the amazing stories about Jae.


Anonymous said...

You go Jae!! Aunt Vickie loves Wal-Mart;however Uncle Bill thinks garage sales are the way to go for everything. At times I have to tell him we just don't buy certain things at a garage sale. My babies think Wal-Mart is a place to go and get free cookies.

Miss you,
Vickie G

Jessica & Matt said...

Girl, that sounds like a commercial to me! You need to re-enact it, and have Dirk video the whole thing! She's such a sweetie and a cutie, and a SMARTIE!

Anonymous said...

Tell Jae when I go to Walmart every body is there that is the going place now.

Love Wilma