Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Harley Davidson/Hollister

Weird combination, huh?

Even on my birthday I didn't feel that I was "getting old". However, I had a couple of incidents happen on the same day that made me think that maybe I'm older than I thought.

A friend was cleaning out her closet for a garage sale and gave me this t-shirt that had "Hollister" plastered across the front. Okay, I must also admit that it was a verrrrrrrrrry loud orange shirt with the word "Hollister" in dark bold blue writing. It's not a shirt that I would normally wear out. In fact, Morgan had asked that I never wear it out in public. The one time I decided to wear it in public, I had someone laugh out loud (almost hysterically) at me. His wife punched him in the arm for doing so. He said that people my/our age usually wouldn't wear Hollister clothing that was so obvious. Don't get upset for me friends. I know him; it wasn't like he was a total stranger. He is a jokester for the most part, but I think he was being fairly truthful. His wife punched him in the arm again.

I made the mistake of telling Morgan about this.

She reminded me, "Mom, I told you that only a teenager would wear that shirt."

I laughed out loud.

While talking to Morgan, another subject came up. I asked her if she knew if her youth pastor had gotten a Harley Davidson.

"Mom, please don't say 'Harley Davidson'. Call it a 'Harley'."

Again, I laughed out loud.

"Mom, seriously, people will laugh at you if you call it a 'Harley Davidson'."

I couldn't control my laughter as she continued to look at me with a confused look on her face which read, "I'm trying to help you out, old woman."

Needless to say, I will not be seen outside my home with this shirt again as I got the hint this time around and I won't be having any public conversations about "Harleys." I don't even sound right with just saying, "Harley."

We can sure count on our kiddos to be honest with us when it comes to stuff like this, huh?


Tracie said...

I have a red "Hollister" shirt and their ripped up jeans...I no longer wear the jeans and Mikyla wear the shirt to bed....I guess I am getting old to.... I use to think I still was young enough to wear that kind of thing, but not that my daughter is in big school and my son will be there shortly I dont feel so young!

April said...

Sounds like the almost exact conversations I have with my girls. I definitely think we are on the same page. Teenagers sure have a way of giving us a big ol' dose of reality, don't they? I keep telling my girls that, one of these days, I'm going to embarrass them by going out to the mall with an Abercrombie or Hollister shirt on and "holey" jeans. Of course, I'm not too sure who would be more embarrassed...them or ME! :)

Anonymous said...

I must be REAL old because I just had to ask the hubby what Hollister clothing was.... I thought I was up on everything. Evidentially not! I don't have kids but I hear a lot of parents say to me "How did I ever survive in this world without my teenager to keep me straight". I just giggle and think back to the good old days when I didn't think my parents had a clue about anything. Come to find out they knew a lot about everything. Oh and about the Harley thing. We've known a few people along the way that have them. They call them "Hogs". Hit her up with that one and see what she says! LOL!!!

Jessica & Matt said...

So funny! I have to admit--I wouldn't wear a really brigh, obvious Hollister shirt. Although (unlike Tracie) I would wear some ripped up jeans! And the "Harley Davidson" thing... that's funny. Defo call it a "Harley." Be glad you have sweet little Morgan to help you out!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! I can't see you in a bright orange Hollister shirt. I am like Tracy I would not wear jeans ripped up either.


April said...

So glad you enjoyed my "lovely" photos. Ha! I had to think long and hard about posting them, but figured it might make some of my readers smile, so I did it, anyway. I may live to regret it!