Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Updates From Old Posts

For those of you who emailed and commented asking about my knee . It is completely better. Sorry I failed to post an update over the weekend. I didn't have to go to the doctor. When I got up the next morning, it was all better. Thanks!

Now, remember the gecko post? Dirk mentioned to me the other day that he hadn't seen the gecko in a while. So, I was possibly thinking that it was time for me to start checking the mail again. Since our conversation last week, I hadn't really thought about it anymore. Well, today Morgan was coming back from a walk and went to get the mail before coming in. Guess what? There the stupid thing was having a field day crawling all over the mail AGAIN! Now I am really getting the creepies! Okay, I know that this is way out there...but the mail is nasty enough. Now, I have to (choose to) think about gecko poop and slobber all over the mail. Even worse it might try to sell me some insurance!

On a happier note, remember the post about our girls having a contest each week and one of them being rewarded with ice cream from Baskin Robins? This has REALLY worked! The girls are still taking the contest very serious. We have not had an issue with them keeping their rooms clean since we started this. The girls are really happy about this. We thought that it might wear off just a little, but not so far. I must say that because they are so serious about it, this is now keeping us on our toes to check more often. I am still shocked at how well it's still going. Like I mentioned in the previous post, my girls LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream and especially from Baskin Robins. It costs us $4.50 a week to maintain this and it's worth every penney to save the arguments in this department!!


Anonymous said...


Please warn us if it's going to be funny! When I read that your mailbox lizard might sell you insurance I about fell out of my chair. I am so glad that I had finished eating my soup or there would have been a big mess all over the screen. Trust me we have those little things all over the place and they are completely harmless. Although I have since learned you are terrified of all animals and I completely understand about not wanting to get the mail. You would completely die if you knew what all I did around the house. I will spare you. Lets just say I am not afraid of snakes, spiders, bugs, nothing. And I will handle all of the above. We live on over an acre with a 200 acre horse farm behind us and to the left of us. There is no telling what you will see on any given day. I turned on our flood light last year and there were 8 deer sleeping in our backyard. They looked at me like I was the intruder. It was right funny. One day I was watering a plant and an oppossum just walked right in front of me. I do run back into the house when the skunks are out. Duh!

Glad that your knee is better. I had been wondering about it.

I would keep my room clean for Baskin Robbins too. Lucky kids! Ice Cream is my weakness.

Tarah said...

Why don't you get a cage and take the gecko inside. You could sell it on cragslist. At least here you could.

If it was earwigs in the mailbox, I would feel for you. :)

Glad your knee is better! Blessings my dear.

Wendy said...

This is soo funny!! Living in a big, cold City the only Gecko's I've ever come across are for sale in "Reptile world" safely in a glass tank! I think they're prety cute though!
Now if it was a spider then I would NEVER check the mail!!
Mailboxes are so American! We just have letterboxes in our front doors, I love these Cultural differences :-)

April said...

I'm so glad to hear your knee is better! I'd been meaning to ask you about it, but it completely slipped my mind.

Oh, I can't believe that gecko!! He's baaaaaack!!!! I am not, let me repeat...AM NOT a fan of reptiles, or anything that even comes close. I love just about any other animal, but not one that's slimy looking and can pounce on me in a second. No thank you! What are you going to do, Daphine? I feel for you!!

I'm glad to hear that your ice cream reward is working so well with the girls. Good job!! Abby is a BIG ice cream fan; Brittany, not so much. Yes, I know that Baskin Robbins can be expensive for what you get. It is SO good, though! We're lucky where we live because we have a Mayfield dairy we can visit and they have ice cream cones for $1.50! They are huge, too! Isn't that a bargain? We go there as often as we can. I LOVE mint chocolate chip...YUMMY!!

Alyce said...

Hi there! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Enjoy the casserole!

Anonymous said...

I love the updates! What a great idea. It kind of brings closure to all the information we've been processing.

Okay, so the gecko thing is kind of funny...or at least how you present it is funny. But now that we know you are deathly afraid of all animals, I think we get the real depth of this issue. In fact, I did pray for you last night and am asking God to release you from the bondage of this fear. We know fear is not of the Lord, so I'm asking Him to supernaturally free you. Keep me posted!

Not sure I would keep my room clean for ice cream, but make it some queso and you might have a deal. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

First, thanks for visiting my blog. AND I appreciate that you left a message.

In reading your other posts, I noticed your daughters name was Jae. That's my daughters middle name-- and here I was trying to be different! :) Spelling is the same and everything! Great minds, eh?
Have a great day.

Lorie said...

The ice cream idea is a great one! I might actually be better about cleaning if someone bought me a cone from Baskin Robins!! ;D

Jennifer said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to visit again. You have beautiful girls!! (wish I would have thought of a contest idea - with ice cream rewards - when mine were younger)! Hope you enjoyed Bible study tonight.


Carrie said...

That's for visiting love your blog you have a beautiful family.

April said...

Did you know you've won an award?? The Hinesley House bestowed the honors on you! I was going to give it to you, but she beat me to it! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...


I wonder what size and color is that gecko.