Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welfare Republicans

As I was waiting for the elevator this morning at my work, I overheard the most ridiculous conversation between these two men. At first, I was really surprised that they continued the conversation with me standing there. I’ll tell you why I THINK they continued the conversation at the end…

Anyhow, their conversation went something like this,

“Man, I can’t believe you’re a Republican! Don’t you know that you have to make at least 300K a year to be a Republican?”

The other guy had this look on his face, which to me read”What an uneducated idiot!”

The guy who was doing most of the talking then said, “And man, even if you only make 300K a year, you’re considered a welfare Republican.”

I was tripping out! I couldn’t believe that I was hearing this.

Okay….. so let me also inform you that these two guys were both African American and I believe that the loud mouth guy continued his conversation because one, I am black and two, he obviously thinks that all black people are (or should be) Democrats.

This guy was a trip!

I really don’t like to discuss politics because of the quick arguments that usually arise from the difference of opinions.

BUT, I really considered saying something to him like;

a.) Don’t assume that all black folks are Democrats
b.) I know many African Americans who make under 300K a year and who are Republicans
c.) And I know a few white folks who make waaayyyyyyyyyyyyy over 300K and who are Democrats

Don’t worry! I kept my mouth shut.

As I was getting off the elevator, the loud mouth guy started saying, “And man, don’t you know that if we still made our own money at the fed building that our country wouldn’t be in debt now…..”

Hey, I’ll be the first to say that I don’t a lot about politics, but it was obvious that this guy was not only clueless, but also totally confused about some things!

I laugh just thinking about this all over again!


April said...

I've heard conversations very similar to this one and I struggle to keep my mouth shut! Remember my post about how sometimes my BIG mouth gets me in trouble? :) It is funny, though, to just sit back and relish in the amusement of it all.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. I'm like you, I admit I don't know much about politics, mainly by choice, but that guy sounds like he had a chip on his shoulder about something. Not sure it really had anything to do with republicans or democrats. What is scary is that it's people like him who will probably come out in droves and vote and not have a clue what or who they are voting for or why. People like that are the reason we have to pray that God puts leaders in place in this country. Lord help us all!

Jessica & Matt said...

Girl. I am into politics, and I am not surprised. People the craziest things. They probably think the government would solve all their problems, too, if the stupid republicans would just get out of the way. Sure--if we're up for socialism/communism, I'm sure the government would be happy to oblige. No thanks. I think I'll just try to make my own way in life, and see how that works out.

Btw--I think you should have said something (easy for me to say)! :)

Tarah said...

:) Oh my goodness. How did you keep your mouth shut? Mine would have fallen to the ground and then felt obligated to yap with them!