Friday, September 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

I've been tagged by one of blogging buddies, April, to post 6 random things about myself. Oh my! This will be entertaining for some of you.

Here goes;

1.) I used to eat dirt when I was kid! I know some of you, considering what a picky eater I am, may find this hard to believe.

2.) I am deathly afraid of animals of any kind. The strange thing about it, is that I've never been attacked by one. I just don't do well around them. It is something that I am working on and I pray that one day I will be normal like the rest of the world and be able to touch or perhaps even hold an animal of some sort. When Dirk and I first got married, we went to visit his mother one weekend. She'd forgotten to put the cat outside. The cat came into the living room and I jumped over the couch (LITERALLY)!

3.) I sometimes eat Lay's potato chips mixed in vanilla ice cream.

4.) I rear ended someone while driving in the rain. The retarded thing about this is, a few months after my car was repaired I rear ended another person in the SAME EXACT SPOT! The only difference was my car was completely totalled after this last accident and I had to buy another car.

5.) I am neat freak! I abnormal neat freak. I don't do well at all with things being out of order whether it's at home or at the office. I do realize to a degree this is not healthy, alright?

6.) I can not text message if my life depended on it! Seriously, the few times I've tried, it has taken a minimum of 15 minutes to type the first WORD! If my life had to depend on me text messaging, I would surely not make it!

Alrighty! Now that most of you totally think that I am the strangest person anyone could meet, let me tag some blogging buddies.

Now, if you're tagged, here's what you do:

1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people
4. Please pass it on for fun...

I've tagged:

Jessica & Matt
Thinking Out Loud with Jenn
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Lily's Pad

Have fun!


Tarah said...

Lays and ice cream??? Girl, you need to come for a weekend and tell me WHY that would be good to eat. :)

This should be fun. Thanks for the tag.

Anonymous said...

Girl, text messaging is my life. That was so funny when I read that. When I get in the car and my hubby is still texting me I always text him "No texting and driving". That lets him know that I am in the car and will not text anymore.

Lily said...

Thanks for the tag - my brain is veeeeery slow at the mo so it might take a little while, but I'm sure I have enough random things to put in!
And I haven't tried it but I reckon the lays and ice cream thing could work for me, I'm a fan of salty/sweet combos

Anonymous said...

I'll take your tag, but I'm gonna have to think on it. I'm sure I have at least 6...but unfortunately probably more...random things about me. Check back soon!

Shannon said...

All these are so interesting!! Chips and ice cream?? I don't like animals either! Texting is MUCH easier with a phone that has a keyboard on it. :)

Prudence said...

Lays and vanilla ice cream, hmmmmmm, I'm gonna have to try that! Sounds intersting! Thanks for visiting me . . . I'm glad I came over to see your blog. :-)

Laurin R. Kelly said...

I really enjoyed these random things about you! Especially the text messaging part! It was too cute!