Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day Four of Vacation ~ More of Moody Gardens

When we have something planned that we’re spending money on, we believe in getting our full dollar’s worth out of it. My reason for stating this is because we arrived at Moody Gardens again today when the gates first opened at 10:00 am.

It was another perfect day for visiting this place though. We didn’t have to wait in any lines at all. We finished touring what we didn’t get to see yesterday.

A couple of things that are worth mentioning that we saw were;

Another IMAX 3D movie called Dinosaurs Alive. It was quite a movie. I didn’t think that I would care for it too much, but it was actually pretty good. It was educational for us and for the girls.

Later in the day, we went into the Palm Beach area. It’s completely separated from the other attractions at Moody Gardens. Moms with small children would love this place!!! Every area of this beach was built with kids in mind. It had two different waterslides. The slides were big enough for a parent to join their child if need, but small enough for a kid to ride down alone. The slides branched off of a structure very much like the playground equipment found in most school playgrounds. Kids can climb all over the structure, which is also liberally sprinkled with water cannons, jumping fountains, and other ways for kids to get each other wet. Smaller kids had an area where they could play in the water jets and fountains without fear as the water is only a few inches deep. The water was not over 4-feet in any part of the beach, even in the main pool. It was all clear water and clean sand.
It is priced right, too. One day runs about ten dollars if purchased alone, or you can go for an entire season for twenty-five dollars. A nice value for a family with a number of kids to entertain.

After a few hours there, we were ready to go back to the resort for a much needed nap.

BTW – I just want it noted that I am no longer embarrassed about the smoke alarm. The alarm has gone off twice more since then and I was not responsible either time. We must have some really enthusiastic cooks staying here this week.


Anonymous said...

The vacation sounds sooo great. The Moody Gardens must be a great place to visit, you went back again. I think my family and I will go see Dinosaurs Alive.


Jessica & Matt said...

So funny to me that you got there BOTH days right when the doors opened. I'm all about a value, but I'm also a little lazy... not sure if I could keep up with you guys on vaca.

It sounds like so much fun--as I was reading it, I was thinking... "When can MattBurk and I go there??"