Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day Three of Vacation ~ Moody Gardens

So, we arrived at Moody Gardens when the doors opened yesterday (Monday). Fortunately for us, we picked the best days (Monday & Tuesday) to visit this place. We were told by the lady who checked us in, that the crowd for Monday was generally expected to be around 4,000 to 5,000 visitors as opposed to 10,000 that was there on Saturday! Since we wanted to visit the entire grounds of Moody Gardens, we purchased the 2-day pass.

Some of the things we saw were;

Rain Forest Pyramid ~ Beautiful exotic plants and flowers (which I just love!!!) and free roaming animals (which I didn’t care too much for)

Discovery Pyramid ~ Titanic Exhibit
I couldn’t finish this one. It was too sad for me. Yes, I’ve seen the movie, but this exhibit really put some things into perspective for me where the movie did not.

Aquarium Pyramid ~ Lots of sharks, sea turtles, and beautiful tropical fish. We loved it! We took lots of pictures in this area.

IMAX 3D Theater ~ We saw Wild Ocean. It was about the wild coast in South Africa and all the animals that depend on the sardine shoals. It was okay. Morgan and Jae loved it because of the 3D effects. Jae kept telling us throughout the movie that this was the best movie ever!

Ridefilm Theater ~ This was a theater that holds 18 people. It had moving seats that matched the motion of the film. This was definitely not a ride for me. I was sick when we came out. This was Dirk’s favorite. Not the part about me getting sick though.

4D Theater ~ This is where they add physical effects to a 3D movie. Wind in your face, water sprinkles when a whale splashes into the ocean, the seat pokes you when there is a sea snake on screen, etc. We saw Planet Earth. It was about the shallow seas. Roughly 90% sea animals live in 8% of the sea. Again, the girls loved it.

Because the crowd was not big at all, we were able to cover a lot of the grounds yesterday at Moody Gardens. There were no lines at any of the places we visited and because Tuesdays are also slow days …we’re looking forward to going back today.


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky, no too many people the day you went.

Rain forest!!! WOW


Jessica & Matt said...

omg... SO fun! I loved reading about it--it totally made me want to go! The 4D movie, the rainforest, the free-roaming animules. (Girl, I wonder if you're bordering a break-through on that, btw!) Everything--it sounds like so much fun!