Friday, July 4, 2008

Day Six of Vacation ~ Last Day

Today the girls actually did sleep late, until 11:00am.

Since this was our last day in Galveston, we wanted to take it easy and make the day last longer.

We ate lunch at our place and then headed out for the girls’ special treat. I told you all that I would post how it went at the over-priced ice cream parlour.

Today, we even went against something that we normally don’t do at our house and that was telling the girls that we had a special surprise planned for them. Our main reason for usually not telling them is because we are harassed about it until the surprise actually unfolds.

Jae asked if the surprise was for both of them? Go figure???

Morgan asked questions like, “Do I need to get dressed up? Should I wear makeup? If I wear makeup, should I not wear eyeliner? Do we need to wear our bathing suit? Will it be outside? How far is the drive to it? Will we like it? Will I get a tan?” Finally, Dirk requested for her to be silent (He told her to “hush.”).

Well, we finally got them to the ice cream parlour which by the way is called, LaKing’s Confectionery. Go figure…unless you walked into the place, who in the world would know to come inside and enjoy some old fashioned ice cream?

In any case, as we walked inside…Morgan (mainly) and Jae nearly jumped out of their skin once they realized that mom and dad were going to actually spend money on this over-priced ice cream.

Morgan asked, “Can we have anything we want?” I hesitated…Dirk said, “You can have any one ice cream item.”

Okay, I had prepared myself that this was the last day here and that it would probably be a long time before we visited Galveston and most importantly, that my girls would love this!

Morgan ordered a cup of cinnamon ice cream. Jae ordered a cup of raspberry sherbet. Dirk and I ordered a banana split to share. I had prepared myself that this special treat would cost us $30.00. Not a big deal and not a lot of money, I know. It’s just the thought that for $30.00, I could purchase ten ½ gallon tubs of Blue Blue Ice Cream and be set for the entire summer. Okay, I must admit…. and I know it was ONLY because I had prepared myself. This special treat only cost us $15.00. I purposely didn’t ask the girl at the counter how much a banana split was when we ordered. I didn’t want to know. I did freak out when she told Dirk that it would be $9.00!

Okay, stop laughing at me being a cheapskate! I already admitted that I can’t help my way of thinking in this area.

In the end, the treat was fabulous, but it still wasn’t any better than good ole Blue Blue!

For remainder of the day, we took it easy. We did some more shopping on the Strand. We ate dinner at a place called, Nate’s Seafood and Steaks. It was a pretty good place.

We finished our last night with a long walk on the beach, despite the fact that there were hundreds of crabs running every which way…it was a great walk!


Jennifer Raack said...

$9 FOR A BANANA SPLIT!!!!! I would have totally lost it...I guess I'm a cheapskate too.

Of course, I will spend $3-$4 on a rare occassion at Cold Stone because their ice cream and waffle cones are SO good....

Anonymous said...

"You walked on a beach with crabs running all over?!" Oh - I would have paid big bucks to see that! Were you calm or climbing up in Dirk's arms? -Sarah Troublefield

Anonymous said...

I think I would have had to be a cheapskate? JUST KIDDING……. Dang, is that place in Hollywood or something? Speaking of Ice-cream, I think I’m about to go in the kitchen and get me some good oh

Ok Daphine, I know you didn’t walk the beach with crabs roaming around ,if you did I’m so proud of you, because aint no way I could have done it, no way.

I’m happy you guys had a good time on vacation; I think we need to take one before the summer ends.

Oh by the way: I’m the one that left that last (anonymous comment) leaving the house can. I didn’t wont you to work up any more stress trying to figure who left it. LOL……. I thought you had enough stress dealing with all of those 1526 e-mails.

Keisha .K

Jessica & Matt said...

Okay, yeah. I'm with Sarah... You can walk on a beach w/crabs everywhere, but you can't even be in the SAME ROOM as my puppy dogs?? YOU are officially CRAZY. Crabs are creepy!

And about the ice cream. $9 is crazaazy for a banana split. Braums has a mighty tasty one for like $2 something. But $30 for your family's ice cream? Seriously... And your girls are so sweet--they each got a little cup of something. You and Dirk are the spendaholics w/your $9 banana split!!!

Okay, I'm ready for the pics you promised... please. :)