Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yes, I Can Hear You Now!

We all have ringtones that reveal something about us. Some of are just plain rings (I would fall in this category). Some are funny and silly. Some are obnoxious. Some are godly. And then there are some that are just down right offensive.

I was working on a project for my job that involved me hiring a couple of day laborers. At one point, one of the worker’s phone started ringing/singing.
“Working hard like a nigger. Working hard like a nigger.”
The worker couldn’t reach into his front pocket fast enough to stop the ringer from going off. There was a second of silence and then, unfortunately for him, the phone started to ring again. He stopped the ringer again and then commented that it was just an “old country song”. I must admit, that it really didn’t bother me at first.

Now looking back on it, it is something that I am offended by.

If it makes you uncomfortable to have a ringtone when someone hears it (not just because it is supposed to be quiet, but because of the content), why would you program it in the first place?

If you are afraid for a person of the opposite sex to hear it, why would you have it in the first place?

If you are afraid for a person of the another race to hear it, why would you have it in the first place?

If you are afraid of your grandma hearing it, why would you have it in the first place?

If you are afraid for your pastor to hear it, why would you have it in the first place?

In other words, if the content of your ringtone is inappropriate in any situation that you may find yourself, then maybe you should reconsider having it as your ringtone.


Jennifer Raack said...

If you're afraid of God hearing it, then you shouldn't have it either! I have to wonder if He rolls His eyes at us sometimes!!!

Anonymous said...

I actually had that happen to me. I am up with the ringtones and all. I had a friend download a few songs for me, and she put a variety of songs on there. I have heard most of the songs, and I liked most of them. Matthew loves to take pictures with my phone; he has figured out how to do everything on my phone even the ringtones. We were at church, and all of the sudden my phone starts ringing "Touch my Body" ( Mariah Carey), and I was looking around along with everyone else to see who had such a bold ringtone. I like the song, but I don't listen to it when my babies are in the car. I looked down and it was my phone. I was so embarrassed! I am really good at putting my phone on silent wherever I go. Matthew still takes pictures on my phone, but I make sure I have the ringtone that I like, and I double double check to make sure it is on silent especially church (LOL)

I am ready for a good sermon, we have missed five Sundays of church. It feels nice to be home!

Vickie G

Tracie said...

Sadly most people dont care if they offend someone with their ringtone. I have been at the store when someones phone goes off and there is foul language while Mikyla and Seth are with me and they hear it. That offends me more than it coming out off their mouth. Slip of the tongue ok, but they put it their on purpose for people to hear. I like christian ringtones and standard ringtones.

Rose Ann Coffey said...

Loved "Just Stuff"

Jessica & Matt said...

Lord have MERCY. Sooo tacky. You're right--if you would be embarrassed for anyone to hear it, why would you have it set to blare out in public at any given point in time?

So did the guy get the job??

Jessica & Matt said...
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