Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation is Officially Over!

So, we arrived back home on July 4th around 4pm.

I was not looking forward to “catching up” on things. In fact, just the thought of it was already making me tired again!

To name a few of the things-to-do that were continually running through my mind as we got closer to home;

I knew that it would take us at least an hour just to unload the van.

There were A LOT of clothes to wash, dry, fold, iron and put away…Groceries to be bought…Phone calls to be returned…House plants to be watered…Visits to be made…Bills to be paid and mailed…

I also made a mistake in logging onto my work computer and found that I had 1526 emails waiting for me!

Needless to say, we didn’t go out and lay under the stars and watch fireworks!

We were (well let me say, I was) happy to drive up and see that our lawn and flower gardens looked beautiful. We also walked into a clean and fresh smelling home. I probably shouldn’t share this, but every time we go on vacation, we always clean the house the day before. Dirk never forgets to point out how we have to leave the house clean for the burglars. Yes, I am aware that this is one of those OCD issues. Pray for me, okay? In any case, we have managed to get everything done at home. However, I am still working on cleaning out my 1526 emails at the office! DELETE…DELETE…DELETE…DELETE…DELETE


Anonymous said...

That's a good thing, wanting to make sure that the house is clean before you go on vacation. Also, I know that opening up the emails from work was very scary!!


Jennifer Raack said...

I always feel the need to have a clean house before we go on vacation. I mean, what if something happened and I DIED while I was on vacation. Then, everyone would be visiting my family and would see what a mess my house was. Crazy, I know...

Unfortunately, my house is usually never as clean as I want it to be. I told Paul that if I died, he would have to wait three days before he told know, so he could get the house in ship shape condition before anyone came over to visit!

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with Dirk, when he says clean the house for the burglars. LOL…………….. If you leave the house clean it will make it much easier for the no- good burglars, and if you leave it dirty for them it will make it much difficult for them. Well I guess it depends on how messy you leave the house.

Oh Yea: it’s always good to come home from vacation to a clean house, but wonderful coming home to a clean and no burglarize home! (Huh)

Vickie G said...

I agree sis! I make it a MUST every time we go out of town. It feels nice to come home to a clean and fresh home. Bill laughs at me too! I go as far as doing and folding laundry(very OCD).You know its bad when Madison wipes the table every time before she eats. I will have to come and get the girls when I get back. Your blogs are good! I might have to start blogging.

Blessings & Smiles,
Vickie G