Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is She Becoming a Mini Me???

Jae had this serious limping going on last night and then again this morning.

I made an appointment to take her to the doctor this afternoon.

Unfortunately, our pediatrian was not quite sure what was wrong, so she ordered x-rays and blood work to be done at the hospital tonight.

As we're driving to the hospital, Jae starting talking about how much she didn't want to go to the hospital. Since she's known for loooooving a visit to the doctor's office, I asked her why she didn't want to go to the hospital.

"There are a lot of sick people there and that means that there are a lot of germs there too, Mom" she said.

I was so not expecting this comment! Okay, so any of you who know me the tiniest bit at all, also knows that I have serious issues with germs. Okay, up until tonight, I have always been able to brag ( in a good way) that I am soooooooo glad that my issues (with germs and of course, with my animal phobia) have not rubbed off on my children. No more bragging about that after our episode at the hospital.

So, we walked into the hospital and had to be checked in by the admissions lady. There were two chairs sitting right in front of the admissions desk. I took a seat. I told Jae that she could take a seat in the other chair.

"I don't want to sit down, Mom. I'll just stand," she said.

It was not a big deal to me, so I just looked at her a little weird and said okay.

Okay, for those of you who really know Jae, I am sure that you know that I am by no means making the rest of this story up...

So, the admission's lady leaves her desk to go make copies of our paperwork. Jae leans over to me and says, "Mom, you know a lot of people have sat on these chairs. These chairs have a lot of germs on them."

I couldn't help it...I broke out in a loud laugh. I know the lady behind the desk thought that I was some weirdo or a bad parent to be laughing at my daughter who appeared to be in pain.

Anyhow, we finished the paperwork. Another lady comes out to take us back to the room to have the blood work done. We walk into this room and the lady asks Jae if she wants to sit on the bed or lie down on the bed.

Jae said, "Neither, I will stand up."

Okay, now I was really tripping out. The "blood" lady told Jae that she would have to pick one, either sit down or lie down in order for her blood to be taken. Jae looks at me and then looks at the bed. The silly bed had just the bare plastic mattress pad on it and not a sheet or the white plastic paper that is USUALLY on every doctor's bed you go to. After Jae's eye contact with me and then the bed...I quickly figured it out. I asked the blood lady if she could please put a sheet on the bed because Jae thought that it might have germs.

As she did so, she started laughing and blurted out, "I don't blame ya baby. It's nasty up in heah most of the time. There's allota gurms in heah. " (Okay, so she was a woman of color with some ebonics going on too).

I would have paid a million bucks for anyone to see the look on Jae's face as the blood lady was saying all of this. I was laughing uncontrollably, like I am doing while I type this out. This was a trip! I had not seen this side of Jae before!

Anyhow................after they took 3 tubes of her blood, we proceeded to the X-ray room. No worries for Jae in this room. The bed was completely covered with what appeared to be a "clean" sheet. This was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!

Now to get to the serious part, the doctor called tonight, the x-rays came back normal. Most of the blood work came back normal. It will still take atleast 48 hours for one last blood test result to come back.

We just gave her Children's Motrin tonight and rubbed her down in Icy Hot. After about an hour of the medicine, she seems to almost be walking without the limp. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


Busby said...

That was HIlarious!
I can picture the whole scene... Jae's comments, your reactions and the 'blood' lady's interaction.

So you have so many great photos Daphine. I'll call you my expert pic friend -kay?
What kind of camera do you have?

Oh, and speaking of germs -do you ever watch Monk?
It's scary when you relate to character spoofs (not that this is an admission or anything... it's not so much the germs for me as the order of certain things).

Love ya lady,

Jennifer Raack said...

That was so funny! I must admit, I have felt that way in the hospitals myself! That was actually part of the reason I had a hard time sleeping at my sleep test....I kept wondering if the sheets were really clean!

Anonymous said...

Mini Daphine!
That was hilarious!!

Tracie said...

oh goodness Daphine. She is so cute though. I understand this and I dont have germ issues. I hate the doctors office and hospitals because I know everyone who goes there is sick with germs. Its gross there. Poor sweet Jae!!!!
I pray that the last test will be fine too.

God Bless sweet Jae

Anonymous said...

That was funny!!! Jae, is just like her mother.

I was worried about Jae's leg. But,I am so glad to hear that the test came back ok. I pray that the last test is fine.


Jessica & Matt said...

OMG. That is two things: hilarious & frightening. I love that child. And your Ebonics transcription was funny--I wasn't sure if it was Ebonics or a Northeastern accent. :)

I'm glad she's feeling better. Thanks for a good laugh. Now we need to get her over here to play with the puppy dogs. :)