Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Special Request For my Friend, Jennifer

Alright Jennifer!

As per your request, I have posted pics of the EXPENSIVE banana spilt and pics of the girls enjoying their ice cream as well.



I just had to add this last picture of the girls. It's another one of my favorites!!!!


sarah t. said...

Hey Daph - I expected that banana split to be gold coated. Wonder what made it cost sooo much?! The picture of the girls is precious! Have a safe trip. -Sarah T.

Jennifer Raack said...

Thanks Daphine! Now I have seen proof that miracles do happen..haha! I loved the pictures!

By the way, Dirk looks like he has really slimmed up since the last time I saw him.

What a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

daph great looking pics...I can not believe the girls are growing up so fast...does that mean we are getting OLD...LOL
Hope to see you guys soon...
Take care..
Christy T