Friday, July 25, 2008

Morgan's Return from Xalapa, Mexico

Morgan returned from Xalapa, Mexico last friday. I put off posting the results from her trip until I could have the pics developed. Wow! That sounds weird..having pics developed.

Picture of one of the Catholic churches in Xalapa

The oldest church in North America
The inside of the church

This is standing outside the church . This is one of my favorite pictures taken from the entire trip. Isn't it beautiful?
Matt, Morgan, Lindsey and Heath (all youth members from the Harvest)

The House of Cortez

It was a must for Morgan to get a picture of her standing at the House of Cortez
One of the translators, Nallele with Morgan and Lindsey
A view of the city of Xalapa
Another view of the city of Xalapa

Morgan and Lindsey posing outside the church they attended

Postcard shot, huh?

A random picture of a street in Xalapa

Aztec Ruins Morgan posing with the translator and the two girls that she won over to Christ!

This trip was a huge blessing for Morgan in so many ways. Overall, there were 188 souls saved. The Harvest youth were responsible for 17 of these souls. Morgan was able to experience something that she will cherish forever. I have also attached a video clip that our church (The Harvest) taped out in front of our church. Each youth member gives a short testimony about the mission trip they took this summer. Morgan is the 4th one.

There are two video clips. Click on the second one for Morgan's. It lasts for about 6 minutes. Turn on your speakers.

Harvest Youth Testimony

Thank you all for your prayers while Morgan was away.



Anonymous said...

I am really proud of Morgan. We all have watched the video of her. She is an amazing young woman; its so wonderful to hear that people gave their life to the Lord. Morgan, will remember this forver, and its only the beginning.

She is going to be on fire (for Jesus) on her next Mission Trip.

I loved all the pictures (beautiful), but I enjoyed hearing all the testimonies the most.

All of them are truly a blessing!!!

Matthew wants to watch it again(LOL)

Blessings & Smiles,

Tracie said...

That was such a blessing to get to see her little video. She is such an amazing young woman. I am so excited for her that she was able to do that.
The Harvest is doing such amazing things. I hope one day God puts me back into that church.

Jessica & Matt said...

Such amazing pictures! We're on the road, so I'll have to watch the video later... So glad that she had such a great time. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that Morgan, was able to experience a mission trip. It was a blessing that so many person gave their life to the Lord.

The pictures turned out great!!

This will be a experience that Morgan will never forget.


Busby said...

We are so proud of Morgan at The Harvest!!
This is only just the beginning of what the Lord will do thru Morgan... can't wait for the 'more to come' that awaits those who passionately/diligently seek after The KINGDOM!
(Remember last year when she wanted to go to Ecuador? -God's timing and abundance are just SO good.)
Daphine, your family is a living, walking 'Marquee' for life in Christ.

Sure do love you all,